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CARPology Magazine
September 2017 (Issue 163)

CARPology Magazine
September 2017 (Issue 163)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month you get a free 32-page CARPology+ supplement inside! Inside the September edition of CARPology - we have an exclusive interview with Terry Hearn about his life less ordinary, a 48 hour tutorial with Darrell Peck and Dan Wildbore breaks down how he mastered the tricky Elstow Pit 1. Also featuring Adam Penning, Nick Helleur, Ed Betteridge and more!

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Free CARPology+

Free with this month's issue is CARPology+ - a 32-page guide on advanced rigs, baits and tips.

The Newbie: Re-writing The Rule Book

Ever been the 'new guy' on a syndicate? More to the point, ever been the new guy who has it off in their first season? If you haven't, then this article is going to be well worth a read, as Mat Woods looks at how and why some anglers are able to join a venue and simply re-write the rule book.


Postman. Author. Speaker. (Sponsored) angler. Terry Hearn talks about his life less ordinary...

48 hours with Darrell Peck

Two years ago, Darrell Peck kindly agreed to auction himself for a 48hr session with a CARPology reader on the historic Wraysbury North Lake in aid of the Lucy's Bowl charity. This winter just gone, Darrell agreed to do it all over again, and this time he levelled the score with those wily carp by bagging a few.

Yateley Dreaming

We catch up wth keen, young gun, Ryan Maxwell, who has been enjoying some great trips over on the truly historic and stunning venue that is the Match Lake, nestled deep in the heart of the Yateley complex. Understanding the nature of the spots, the behaviour of the wary old carp has helped Ryan string together a number of captures from the open access club water

No Bullsh*t, Just Good Solid Angling

Dan Wildbore breaks down how he mastered the tricky Elstow Pit 1

Penners' Diary

Over the coming days, I reflected on the brace of forty-pound fish. The session of a lifetime for sure but the thing that I kept turning over in my mind was just how close I'd been to failure. It'd been a three-night trip and both fish came within quite literally a couple of minutes of winding in. If you consider the hours each rod had accumulated, it adds up to over 140 hours for each one sat on the alarm. Waiting. Then, in the space of ten minutes, just before they were about to be wound in both produced fish. The odds on that must surely be pretty enormous...

A Wing And A Prayer

Sitting in a dimly lit cafe on the outskirts of North London, coffee machines burring away in the background, it's hard not to smile and be drawn in as Nick Helleur fills the room with passion and excitement, discussing his European adventure-style angling he's so famous for: from a tag-along, self-proclaimed pest at fifteen to his many annual trips today three decades later.

Ed Betteridge's Carp Diary: I met a man with 7 wives...

This month sees Ed return to an old complex but targeting a new lake and things have got off to a very good start...

A Life Less Ordinary

After a spring and early summer break, Dave Magalhaes is back, and it's business as usual: big carp, caught in the most orthodox manner...

Hardware Wish List

From ESP's new short and Dynamite's clever floating hookbaits to PVA booms to avoid tangles - here's the kit destined to ruin your bank account...

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