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CARPology Magazine
July 2017 (Issue 161)

CARPology Magazine
July 2017 (Issue 161)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month it's a whopping 212 pages plus you get a free 32-page CARPology+ supplement inside! Inside the July edition of CARPology - the 10 rarest carp reels rated, we go back to the nineties with Julian Cundiff and Terry Hearn fishes Chods in an unorthodox manner. Also featuring Ed Betteridge, Scott Lloyd, Gaz Fareham and more!

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Life behind the lens

This month we quiz Gaz Fareham, the man behind Subsurface Journal and the movement it's created on "his style", the lenses he favours and the strangest/scariest locations he's shot at...

The Big Carp Minset

We quiz consistent big carp angler Matt Jackson on his approach to chasing and outwitting some of the best carp in the land. The first part of his mini-series kicks off with him looking back on his years chasing individual fish, all taped whilst say on the banks of the stunning Cranwells, part of the Wasing Estate, and home to the current British record carp, The Parrot - a fish Matt has on his iPhoto account...

The challenge of new beginnings

Targets will fall, sometimes very soon into the chase, where others seem to linger on the horizon. On only his second visit to the lake, Jon McAllister has banked one of the most sought-after residents of Rockford: a huge-framed forty-pound leather. Time, distance and difficulty seem insignificant at the start of his new campaign, as Jon explains...

A spring to remember

Myths and monsters - they don't exist, eight? They don't in most anglers' minds - that was until one May afternoon when Martin Bowler landed this brute: a previously unknown, near sixty-pound mirror. Here Martin talks about that capture, along with how he gains access to such incredible waters and the "other" two high-forties he caught on later trips to this mind-blowing venue...

We're going back to the nineties!

For many, the Nineties was the golden era, combining the mystique of the Seventies, the excitement of the Eighties but without the overt commercialism of the Noughties and beyond.

Terry Hearn's Rotary Letter Extension

This month, the UK's favourite big fish angler reveals his opinions on the following topics: indicators, bite-offs, finicky bites and fishing Chods in the most unorthodox manner...

SSJ/Aperture Collective X Ology

Want to get involved? Then just send over your images to and the best submissions will be featured on these pages on a quarterly basis.

Penners' Diary

With his time on The Mere coming to an end, Adam was on the lookout for a new challenge - and that challenge came in the form of a forgotten pit near Gatwick airport which was rumoured to hold one of two extremely large common carp...

A common occurrence

Luke Bowns has been keeping mobile in an attempt to trick the pressured carp of Farriers Lake in the Cotswolds, which have led to a number of bites during his spring campaign, topped by one of the many jewels for his determined efforts

Ed Betteridge's Carp Diary Two Targets

It's been a month of halves for Ed B; from one extreme high to serious low...

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