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CARPology Magazine
November 2017 (Issue 165)

CARPology Magazine
November 2017 (Issue 165)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month you get a some free 32-page CARPology+ supplement inside! Inside the November edition of CARPology - Dave Lane's most open and honest interview ever, Leroy Swan talks the Railway, Sutton and the 'Brook and Mitch Hammonds' four years of hard graft ends with the ultimate prize: the crocodile! Also featuring Adam Penning, Ian Chillcott, Nigel Sharp and more!

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Free CARPology+

Free 32-page CARPology+ supplement inside!

The Crocodile Hunter

Mitch Hammonds takes us on a journey on a large gravel pit, home to a huge scaly mirror known as The Crocodile...

The wild forgotten paths of an old sailing pit...

The wild forgotten paths of an old sailing pit were enough to draw young Jack Thomson in for a new adventure. The overgrown nature and hostile environment simply added to the neglected atmosphere, which left Jack with no choice but to target this crazy venue.

The truth is out there

With so many of the UK's greatest-ever carp under his belt, what still gets Dave Lane out of bed in the (very early) morning?

Keep calm and release the Kraken

Simon's bid to catch a rather splendid linear didn't come without pain and heartache: two car crashes, loads of stock fish, one broken rod, a dog attack and three broken ribs! Here's how it all panned out...

Ed Betteridge's Carp Diary: Shallow Victory

Ed Betteridge is having his best ever season. Last month his first 50lber and this month another one! But more on that later, there's others to think about first...

A Lifetime's Work: Part 2

Leroy Swan's carp fishing exploits and countless notable achievements span across 40 years. His incredible angling ability and literally jaw-dropping list of big carp captures from some of the toughest lakes around is on part with the very best of the best. In last month's opening interview, Dave Springall quizzed Leroy on how the carp fishing bug bit, the elite anglers he mingled with in his youth on School Pool and the testing times of the ultra tricky Sutton-at-Hone. Picking up where he left off, this time Dave focuses on Leroy's fishing on the Railway, Conningbrook, why he returned to the head baker that is Sutton and across to Cotton Farm.

All For The Journey: A Lucky Break

Along with his monthly insight into fishery management, this time around Harry WB looks back at a successful (and rather hot) trip to Yateley's Pads Lake

A Life Less Ordinary

Dave Magalhaes once again proves you don't need kilos of carp food and an unlimited time allowance to be successful - regardless of how pressured and tricky your lake is...

Hardware Wish List

From Spotted Fin's new Frank Warwick Wafters and Gemini's clever lead system which helps you cast further to a paint-on line marker and an all-in-one cook set from Chub, here's how your shopping list looks this month...

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