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CARPology Magazine
June 2017 (Issue 160)

CARPology Magazine
June 2017 (Issue 160)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month and this month it's a whopping 196 pages plus you get a free 32-page Fox Edges Rig Guide! Inside the June edition of CARPology - how Marcus Howarth banked 97lb of Yateley carp in just 24hours; Nick Helleur's most brutally honest interview ever and Adam Penning talks about what makes a brilliant rig (and it's not just a sharp hook). Also featuring Terry Hearn, Jim Wilson, Dave Springall and more!

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Life behind the lens

Alex Grice, a regular contributor to the Subsurface Aperture Collective X Ology project and full-time photographer and film-maker for CC Moore, reveals why he loves shooting stills so much, what equipment he carries and what makes the "perfect picture"...

The missing link

From tench fishing with Redmire legends to pioneering urban fishing a quarter of a century ago, Nick Helleur gives us his unique take on the scene past and present!

Terry Hearn's Rotary Letter Extension

The forever-on-form big fish angler offers up another serving of amazing angling advice, this month covering odd carp behaviour, why they act differently and the 'new season' buzz

The CARPology Rotary Letter

Renowned big fish angler Ed Betteridge, seasoned angling veteran Shaun Harrison and technical perfectionist Lewis Read talk about the topics you want answers to

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'

And Mat Woods' recent trip to Germany bought him plenty of lemons...

Big pit challenges

In the third part of this mini-series with Lincolnshire-based big fish man, Jim Wilson, we pick his brains on his love with big pits, the challenges he faces and his methods that have seen him outwit som truly stunning bit pit carp

The other side of the bridge

Success on Larkfield No.2 meant Dave Springall had now caught from all four of the Kent lakes he'd fished... It was now time to head back over to the Weedy Pit, taking on its extreme difficulties, from the mega long-range casting and the noisy banks to the acres of weed. But as you can see, all the hard work and pain paid off in the end...

North Lake magic: Two commons for almost 100lb!

Marcus Howarth proves himself yet again... a 51 and 46 in one session! Here's how it happened...

A pig of a winter

We join Gaz Walding, a Northants-based angler who reflects back on a gruelling winter which finally accumulated in the awesome spring capture of his target fish! The pig.

Ed Betteridge's carp diary: New beginnings

In the last issue, Ed explained he'd found a very special new venue. It's overgrown, accessed via a boat and contains some incredible brutes. Along with some myths and fabled fish. Here's how his first session panned out...

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