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CARPology Magazine
February 2017 (Issue 155)

CARPology Magazine
February 2017 (Issue 155)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month you also get a free 32-page guide on 'Underwater uncovered', a Below the Surface Special. Inside the February edition of CARPology - Adam Penning is back with his exclusive diary series, Darrell Peck on conquering the unconquerable, Danny Fairbrass analyses a year's angling to see how every opportunity can be maximised and don't miss the 16-page Subsurface 'Aperture Collective' Special. Also featuring Pete Regan, Alex Norgate, Ben Hamilton, Dave Magalhaes and more!

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Gigantica: The never ending story

In this, the second part of three, Danny Fairbrass breaks down a year’s fishing, revealing how the lake evolves and how he adapts his angling to maximise every opportunity

Then and now: Rig evolution

Big fish angler and co. owner of cult angling brand, Thinking Anglers, Ben Hamilton details how his rigs and way of thinking has evolved since he started carp fishing almost three decades ago

Penner's Diary

In this, the first of a new and exclusive diary series, Adam Penning reflects back over the past 12-months, revealing where he’s been fishing, what he’s been catching and what he’s learnt…

Terry Hearn's Rotary Letter Extension

On Tel’s agenda this month is: water temperatures, water quality and he’s kicking off with the-not-so-common common carp…

SSJ/Aperture Collective X Ology

The SSJ/Aperture Collective X Ology collaboration is a celebration to alternative angles in the carp scene and to show that there is more to carp photography than just a trophy shot and a token sunrise.

Fancy getting involved? Then just send over your image(s) to and the best submissions will not only be featured on these pages in the spring, but you’ll also receive a limited edition SSJ/Aperture Collective X Ology Mug – something only skill can buy.

No bullsh*t, just good solid angling

Fishing on the intimidating and legendary Orient in France was always a childhood dream for Darrell Peck, and back in the autumn of 2015 he finally realised it. However, it took more willpower and mental mind control than he ever imagined possible…

A slice of history

Despite the short amount of time, Ben Stock has managed to rack up some truly incredible captures from the infamous Wraysbury North Lake. Here he looks back at a truly incredible year’s fishing, with some of the finest looking carp gracing his landing net

Operation freedom

As the summer rolls on, the weather turns stormy, which as Alex found out, can only be a good thing for the fishing…

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