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CARPology Magazine
March 2017 (Issue 156)

CARPology Magazine
March 2017 (Issue 156)
CARPology is carp fishing's biggest monthly read and this month there's an extra 32 pages of editorial! Inside the March edition of CARPology - read the inside story of Alan Blair's Euro Banx 3 road trip; Terry Hearn gives a 'spring fishing' masterclass and how Darrell Peck conquered a pressured holiday venue. Also featuring Simon Scott, Adam Penning, Nigel Sharp, Danny Fairbrass and more!

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Nothing burns like the cold. Goodbye, winter...

“I think ‘adventure’ is anything that puts us outside our comfort zone. For me, at moments like this, it doesn’t matter that my fingers are too cold to push the release button; it doesn’t matter that my face stings. What matters is that somebody else can feel those sensations just by looking at a picture. Can you feel the cold, can you feel my adventure?”

Then and now: Rig evolution

Renowned big fish angler, Nigel Sharp, doesn’t use many different rigs, but the ones he does have been tweaked and honed over tens of thousands of bankside hours and this is the outcome…

Euro Banx 3

Summer is meant for one thing: a fishing road trip with a mate! That’s exactly what Alan Blair and Oli Davies did in the summer of twenty-sixteen and it turned out to be one of epic proportions…

No bullsh*t, just good solid angling

Overcoming the obstacles at tricky, overseas commercials can be tough, but with just one chance to get it right, you’d better listen to what Pecky has to say about his time on French super water, Gigantica…

The truth about.. leather carp

For starters, they can have scales (and they’ve got bad teeth)! This and other fascinating revelations about the most rare of our carp varieties, from fish biologist, Simon Scott


The testing Northwest circuit has produced generations of top anglers, many of whom have beaten a path ‘down south’ to plunder the carp-rich pits of Oxford, and beyond. Names like Frank Warwick, Bernie Loftus, Gaz Fareham, Scott Day, Shaun McSpadden and Rob Gillespie come quickly to mind. All successful, and all schooled on the pressured Cheshire meres.

Well, there just might be a new generation on the rise! Mark Cookson won’t be a familiar name to you, but he’s been quietly putting together an album that features some of the very best-looking carp from up north and down south! We caught up with him on a blustery day in Cheshire to find out a little more…

Terry Hearn's Rotary Letter Extension

This month’s questions including: late winter/early spring holding areas, hot spots, convenience baiting and baiting quantities

Operation Freedom

Alex heads into the wild, discovering a colony of neglected giants among spectacular scenery…


Luke Stevenson slipped under-the-radar last year, quietly going about his business on a large southern pit. We find out how he got on…

The birth of the corkball roller

This month sees bait behemoths, CC Moore, launch one very clever corkball hookbait making device – the Corkball Roller. Here, creator Greg Alexander explains how it all came about…

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