Latest Issue July 2021
CARPology Bait

How to make solid PVA bags of liquid goodness

Small packages of highly attractive food is the one...

Come late winter/early spring, the key word when it comes to bait is: small. You don’t want to be using large amount of large bait. Small packages of highly attractive food is the one, and this combo is deadly. We’re making up two different styles: one with pellets and liquid and the other being just a solid bag of pure liquid attractant, which when married with a hi-viz wafter hookbait, is a sure-fire winner! Here’s how you tie them up…

What you need:

Prologic PVA Tube Kit
Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Pellets (4mm)
Dynamite Baits new Evolution Oils

1. Start by adding a small amount (literally a pinch) of the Tiger Nut Pellets.

2. Perfect for this time of year is Dynamite’s winterised oil range which is PVA-friendly; we’ve opted for their Citrus Oil which smells delicious!

3. Add a good squirt of this to the pellets and then tie off. You can then just nick your hook point through the centre of the bag.

4. Now for the solid bag of just liquid. Tie of the end of the PVA really tightly and then add a good amount of liquid.

5. This bit can be tricky, but gently twist the PVA around and then form an Overhand Knot. Trim the ends, nick the hook point down one of the tag ends and cast out.