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Mike Wilson's Winter Mix

If you're fishing a well-stocked lake, this is the winter mix for you

If you’re angling on a well stocked venue this winter; a lake where they respond well to a good bed of bait - somewhere like Linear’s Brasenose for example - then this mix is for you. Mike’s go-to baiting approach on such a venue is to find a spot, fish three rods on it, and then bait up with this mix really tight over the top. It’s a time-honoured winter winner when it comes to racking up multiple hits and here’s how you knock it up…

What you need:

Flaked Scopex Squid boilies
Scopex Squid Syrup
Boiling water

1. Into the bait bucket pour a bag of Flaked Scopex Squid boilies, a can of sweetcorn and half-a-pint of maggots.

2. Using an old drinks bottle, add half a bottle of Scopex Squid Syrup and top up with boiling water. Screw on the lid, shake well, and then pour the liquid over the mix.

3. And here’s the finished article: rich in colour and flavour.