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Tom Maker Bait

Tom Maker's Go-To Day Ticket Spod Mix

Ever wondered what the spod mix of one of Linear’s most successful anglers of all time looks like? Well… Ta-dar!

This is Tom Maker’s mix and yes, it is very simple, but simple works when all the ingredients are of the freshest and highest quality and used in the correct way. Tom wants a mix which sinks quick, is visual and hugely attractive and this combo ticks all of those wishlist boxes. Here’s how he knocks it up…

What you need:

Krill boilies
Cloudy Krill Liquid
Ellipse Pellets

1. Tom starts by soaking his Krill boilies for 24hrs in lake or bottled water.

2. Once the baits are soaked, he then adds the Cloudy Krill Liquid and sweetcorn to the mix. Tom also breaks a few of the boilies up between his fingers.

3. And finally, just before Spombing out, Tom introduces the Ellipse Pellets. (Adding these too early will result in them going mushy and stodging up the mix too much.)