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Carp fishing on the big-fish carp lake Dragon Island!

Carp anglers with a preference for big carp, a big challenge and fishing in weed, will get their money's worth on the beautiful Dragon Island in the French Champagne region


The beautiful Dragon Island (https://www.thecarpspecialist.co.uk/carp-lakes/dragon-island) in the French Champagne region, only has 5 bivvy swims and a luxurious 5-person Gite have been constructed on the 15 hectare lake. There are 3 known 30kg + carp (3 mirror carp) and at least 14 known carp between 25 and 30kg. The number of carp between 20-25kg is estimated at 40 fish. However, with such a unique stock of big carp fishing is not easy. 

Keep in mind that Dragon Island is a challenging water, only suitable for anglers with experience in weed fishing. The use of boat and fish finder are the rule rather than the exception here. Note: the fish now have a reasonable angling pressure, so keep this in mind. 

In this video you can see the carp lake, the facilities and some catches ... we are happy to welcome you at this unique carp lake Dragon Island! 

At https://www.thecarpspecialist.co.uk/carp-lakes/dragon-island you will find all the information and you can easily book your carp fishing holiday.

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