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Merrington Carp Fishery

Bankside bliss with one or two real whackers thrown in!

Situated in North Shropshire, Merrington Carp Fishery is set deep in the heart of un-spoilt countryside, away from traffic noise and is a truly peaceful and tranquil setting. Carp have been the only species of fish stocked into the lake which received its first stocking of Wellington Park strain carp in 2005, followed in the spring of 2006 with another stocking of select fish from Mark Simmons. Since then the Merrington carp have showed superb growth rates and the fishery now boasts fish to over thirty-pounds.

This purpose-built nine-acre carp lake, offers both day and night fishing, with 18 level swims to choose from. The swims are regularly maintained with boards and bark chippings to provide anglers with tidy, stable pegs whatever the weather. Reed-lined, the lake that has matured well, now provides plenty of features to explore with small bays and four islands. Smooth, hard areas in open water fish well through spring, as do the numerous bars and plateaux scattered across the topography of the lakebed. Areas located on the front of these bars fish best in cooler conditions, with hookbaits positioned on top of the bars a better bet if the sun is shining and warming this shallower water.

The Merrington carp are also prone to being caught with Zig Rig tactics. Brown foam hookbaits, fished at three-quarters depth being the most prolific Zig method. Pineapple flavour pop-ups work well with rigs fished on the deck, where the fishery recommends a minimal bait approach for better results. As for facilities, there are on-site toilets and secure parking, with the fishery gates being locked between 7pm and 7am. The fishery can also provide a full-English breakfast, delivered to your swim.

Merrington Carp Fishery: safe, action-packed with a tasty cooked breakfast to keep you going – perfect!

The vital information you need...

Biggest residents: Mirror 29lb and common 30lb 6oz.
Average fish size: Mid-doubles.
Rough fish stock: 200 plus carp.
Rod limit Two rods maximum.
Local tackle shop: Total Angling: 01743 462699, session essentials are also sold on-site.
Going bait: Mainline Cell and Frank Warick Fruit Smoothy boilies.
Takeaways: Al-Piccolilo Pizza: 01743 358133.
Location: Bomere Heath, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 3QH.
Contact: Merrington Carp Fishery: 07707 670408.
Prices: £15 for 12hrs and £25 for 24hrs (summer prices).
Facilities: Toilets, on-site breakfast.
Best spring areas/swims: Mid-lake areas and pegs 4, 5, 6, 15, 16 and 17.
Bailiff's top tip: “Slack lines, long hooklengths and long Hairs work best, keep the free-bait to a minimum.

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