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Fox Halo Power Packs

Fox’s new powerpacks offer incredible charging capabilities (read: you can now binge-watch Stranger Things whilst on the bank this winter)

Most carp anglers fishing for longer than a day carry a charging device these days, but Fox have bided their time in the design and testing process before unleashing this pair of powerbanks. Designed with anglers in mind, they boast a variety of input sockets and bivvy-illumination options. They also feature LiFePo4 cells which are better suited to use outdoors then Li-Polymer versions and they’re coming in two versions… 

The 96K version will charge your iPhone 8 upwards of 36 times, whilst the 48K model will give you 18 chargers.

Halo 96K Power Pack
Quite possibly the largest-capacity charger in the fishing market, this beast has 96,000mAh of power at 3.2V, making it capable of charging an iPhone 8 approximately 32 to 36 times. It has two 12V cigarette lighter sockets plus two USB & a single USB-C output, & can be placed on its side to save space on a bivvy table. There is a large bivvy light on one side with amber & white LED options. The Halo 96K weighs in at 3kg and is 20.9cm long by 15.7cm wide, plus 7.2cm deep.


Halo 48k Power Pack
If you want to come down the scale of size, weight and cost, but still want plenty of power then the 96K’s little brother is effectively a half-size replica. It’s exactly half the weight and power (though not quite half the price) and boasts a single cigarette-lighter socket, two USB outputs and a USB-C output. It will charge an iPhone 8 approximately 16 to 18 times and like its bigger sibling has four LED indicators for battery life. 

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