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New clothing from Speero Tackle

Whether you’re just chilling in the bivvy or searching for that elusive first spring show, this gear will help keep you rosy warm and dry

Your bivvy is cozy, but you’ll need to brave the outdoors at some point. Speero’s 250g polyester fleece gaiter will keep those chilly winds from hitting your neck and finding their way down into your jacket. Cold ears and without a hat? Wear it as a headband.

Every spring wanderer needs a quality hoodie. But this heavyweight hood has a few extras over its rivals, none more so than its material: 250g polyester fleece. The front pocket adds to the practicality of the garment, while the elasticated cuffs keep out damp draughts.

If it’s good enough for those who tested it all last winter, it’s good for any tromp through a late winter frost. The Bob Hat is made from 100% Acrylic, so it delivers heat while remaining itch-free.

Constructed from 160g polyester fleece that’s soft to the touch, this garment is made for mid-layering during real dire conditions, or to be worn as a top layer during the heat of a blissful spring afternoon. Available in either DPM or Olive.

This jacket puts on a tough face with its high-collar and two-tone pattern. But the soft-lined interior is stuffed with a synthetic fibre that makes sure your torso stays super snug and comfy during those chilly spring dawns and ever-increasing evenings. 

Thanks to the TPU membrane and brushed finished, finally we have a pair of trousers which aren’t just practical, but that actually look good too. They’re both waterproof (5,000mm) and highly breathable (3,000), so you’ll stay comfy and dry even after climbing multiple trees and walking through long, wet grass.

For cold, wet, spring expeditions, you’ll need footwear that provides support on uneven terrain and protection from the cold and wet. The Alcor ticks all three boxes. The waterproof, breathable hydroguard membrane keeps icy waters at bay, whilst the honeycombed insulation and moisture-wicking lining work in perfect harmony to ensure your feet don’t overheat and sweat (and then smell). Available sizes 6 to 12.

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