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Introduce your tackle box to these two very neat little products from Thinking Anglers


If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a Thinking-load of times: Thinking Anglers really are the innovators of the end tackle world. Hook beads, hookbait swivels, tungsten hooklink materials… All original creations from TA which have now been copied a thousand times. And just like those that have gone before, these latest offerings come tried and trusted by the likes of Fareham, Holness, Lloyd, Hamilton and co… 

They look like a regular pair of scissors, but TA’s compact offering has two clever integrated tools. Whilst the ultra-sharp, serrated stainless steel blades make quick work of any material, the built-in stripper tool will cleanly remove the skin from any coated braid. Finally, ‘bed’ down all your knots with ease courtesy of the puller knob which is located on the high-viz green handle.

The 2020 version of Amnesia. In fact, CARPology contributor, Gaz Fareham stated: “Think Link is the Amnesia we’ve all been using for the last 20 years but an infinitely better, stronger, smoother, and more consistent modern version.” Extruded as a low-memory stiff rig material, it’s ideal for D-Rigs and boom sections, and thanks to that 3-second memory, it behaves beautifully and straightens well under tension with steaming or heat from friction. Knots are a doddle too: Blood, Grinner, Perfection and Figure-Of-Eight Loop knots, and it can also be used with appropriately sized crimps. Available in 25lb (0.50mm) and 30lb (0.55mm) on 20m spools.

Gaz Fareham: “Before tying with Think Link, leave a long length attached to the spool and work it between your forefinger and thumb, running it through a dozen times or more until it is straight. Leaving it attached to the spool before trimming it off gives you some purchase and the capacity to hold it tight, which helps massively to straighten it.”

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