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Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker

The fruity follow up to the original Nutcracker is berry good


When carp legend Terry Dempsey emerged from the shadows a few short years ago with the publication of his Urban Myth book and set-up Urban Bait, his Nutcracker boilie became an instant hit. The follow up, now firmly established after a couple of years on the market, is the Strawberry Nutcracker. ¶ Made on the Nutcracker base mix with a mixture of freshly ground tiger nut, cereals and milk proteins, with a deliciously sweet strawberry ester flavour over the top, this is one of those baits that makes you want to tear open a packet and eat it yourself. Colour-wise, it has a similar pale brown complexion to the original Nutcracker, but look closely and you’ll find flecks of red that hint at the strawberry content. Easily digested, this is a boilie that can be used all year round. ¶ The Strawberry Nutcracker range is comprehensive, with boilies available in both freezer and shelf-life options in sizes 12, 14 and 18mm. Matching products include a Stick Mix, Wafters and Barrel Wafters, a variety of Fluoro and Washed-Out Pop-Ups, Pellets, Hookbait Dip, Hardened Hookbaits in 14 and 18mm, plus a base mix and liquids.

Boilies From £10.95
Stick Mix £5.95
Wafters £6.95
Barrel Wafters £6.49
Fluoro Pop-Ups £6.49
Washed-Out Pop-Ups £6.49
Pellets £5.99
Glug £9.95
Hookbait Dip £9.95
Hardened Hookbaits £6.49
Base Mix From £9.99
Flavour £9.95

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