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Mark Bartlett's Simple Pop-up Rig

It's stood the test of time, through its versatility and reliability

There are plenty of good rigs out there: old, new, trending or just mega effective, however, the first rig almost everyone learns to tie is the standard Knotless Knot. This is because it is has stood the test of time, through its versatility and reliability. You can use it in any situation, over any bottom, fishing for any size carp, anywhere in the world, and it’s for these reasons why all-round fishing pro, Mark Bartlett, loves it so much. “Oh, and it’s quick and easy to tie,” he interjects with a big grin on his face!

What you need:

Camotex Soft Hooklink (20lb)
Wide Gape Beaked Hooks (size 5)
Trans Khaki Anti-Tangle Sleeves
Medium Shrink Tube (2.4mm)
Hook Silicone (size 10-7)
Power Grip Putty

“What I love about this set-up is I can use it for fishing little bright hookbaits for small carp, to straight boilie fishing for great big foreign fish to over 70lb, and everything else in-between. I’ve used it since I started fishing for carp and of course I use other rigs too, but this is a rig I genuinely believe you could use forever - and I probably will.”

Mark likes to fish it nice and short - between seven- and nine-inches on cleaner bottoms such as clay and gravel. If he’s fishing over silkweed or Canadian then he’ll lengthen it upwards of 14-18”.

“My favoured lead arrangement is with a lead clip set-up, however I wouldn’t be uncomfortable fishing it with an in-line lead arrangement. I can’t comment for a helicopter set-up as I rarely use this and would probably opt for a different rig if I’m honest.”

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