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CARPology 'Super Cygnet Subby' Deal

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Product Information

You get three printed and digital (iOS devices only) issues of CARPology, a choice of bait pack (Richworth Tutti Frutti or Urban Baits Nutcracker - See below), a choice of Gardner End Tackle Pack (four to choose from - See below), three Cygnet Tackle Indicator Sets (3 x Black Dumpy Bobbins, 3 x 6" Chains and 3 x Black Hockey Sticks), an Aqua Products Bag (choice of Bog Bag, Small, Medium or Large Stuff Sacks) plus a Big Carp Legends Book (author may vary from shown). All for just £39.99!

Richworth Pack
1kg Richworth Tutti Frutti Shelf-Life Boilies, 1kg Richworth Tutti Frutti Pellets, 1 x Richworth Tutti Frutti Glug, 1 x Richworth Tutti Frutti Pop-Ups.

Urban Baits Pack
1kg Urban Baits Nutcracker Freezer Bait (choice of 14 or 18mm), 1kg Urban Baits Nutcracker Pellets, 1 x Urban Baits Nutcracker Bait Dip, 1 x Urban Baits 15mm Pop-Ups.

Gardner Pack 1
Covert Incizor Hook Size 4 Barbed, Covert Incizor Hook Size 6 Barbed, Chod Skin 15lb, Covert Safety Beads Silt, Covert Silicone Sleeves Mixed, Covert Pop-Up Large Hook Aligner Green.

Gardner Pack 2
Covert Wide Gape Talon Tip Hook Size 6 Barbed, Covert Wide Gape Talon Tip Hook Size 8 Barbless, Sink Skin 15lb Brown , Covert Flexi-Ring Swivels Size 8, Covert Lead Clip Green, Covert Pop-Up Small Hook Aligner Brown.

Gardner Pack 3
Covert Chod Hook Size 5 Barbed, Covert Chod Hook Size 6 Barbed, Covert Chod Hook Size 8 Barbed, Trip Wire 20lb, Covert Rig Rings 4mm, Covert Buffer Beads Green, Covert XL Buffer Beads Green.

Gardner Pack 4
Point Doctor Hook Sharpener, 5m Skinny Dipper Micromesh PVA Boilie Refill, 5m Wide Boy Micromesh PVA Standard Refill, Covert Flexi-Ring Swivels Size 12
Covert Silicone Tubing Grey, Covert C-Thru Sinking Rig Tube Mixed.

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Receive 3 months of printed and digital issues (iOS only).

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