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Current Issue



Welcome to the underwater world...

I'm Still Standing

It's a welcome return to CARPology for long-time big-carp angler, Mark Holmes, as he pens his first piece for the magazine for quite a few years. Well know for his forthright opinions, our northern pal looks at how carp fishing often takes us to the extreme ends of our emotional spectrum...

Carping Allegedly

In his own inimitable style, Bill Cottam recalls an occasion when things didn't quite go to plan ahead of the start of a campaign...

The Rotary Letter

This month's guest Rotorians are Dave Ellyatt (the original Rotorian from back in 2006) and In Chillcott (a contributor since issue 1!)

To My Younger Self

Carp fishing was an enjoyable learning curve for a young Scott Lloyd to negotiate, but there are a few things the older, wiser version would love to have the chance to pass on.

Part Three: The Eighties

Brian Skoyles returns with some tales of the unexpected, shall we say, from his halcyon days on Norfolk's big-fish waters...

Adam Penning's Carp Diary

"Something preposterous was about to happen and you could almost smell it in the air."

One Big Breath

We chat to freediver Marcel Panne, as he explains what drives his perhaps unrivalled passion for sub-surface photography and videography