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This month big wet winds and the perfect moon phase sees Gaz Fareham have an afternoon session of a lifetime, Simon Scott talks carp holes and how to milk them, Tom Maker starts a brand new series and Luke Stevenson explains how small tweaks equals big results.

Free Ology+ inside

This month you get a free 32-page guide to winter's best bait: maggots inside CARPology. Don't miss CARPology's maggot how-to special with expert advice on how to prep, reset and bag-up on winter's finest bait. 

This Is Nowhere Part 14: Tales From The Road Continued

Gaz Fareham and Marcus Howarth head to France once again, and after an enforced change of plan, they manage, as always, to get amongst some very nice carp

No Bullsh*t, Just Good Solid Angling

My first Linear forty. A change in attitude, and a tried-and-trusted method see Tom Maker finally achieve a long-awaited personal goal...

Muddy Puddles, Monster Mirrors and Carp Holes

Simon Scott reflects on a challenging carp harvest before taking an in-depth look at a particularly fish phenomenon...

Adam Penning's Carp Diary: 'Hard work, sweat and relentless looking'

Adam Penning is on a high... A great run of big, gnarly carp topped a rarely-caught 50lb+ mirror. On the surface it appears like he simply couldn't put a foot wrong, but behind the scenes was a great deal of hard work and intense angling, as we find out this month...

"It was fast becoming one of my best sessions ever!"

Luke Stevenson talks about his cold-weather fishing on Carthagena, where small tweaks result in big results

Savay: Opening Week

A last-minute hitch doesn't stop Terry Dempsey from enjoying a spectacular opening week on the king of all carp lakes...