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Current Issue


Fishing For The Love Of It

Ian Poole reminisces, recounts the odd memorable capture and explains what does it for him carp angling-wise these days...

Carping Allegedly

Everest, egos and even personal grooming… Bill Cottam’s with us once again to dish out another dose of cynicism and sarcasm

The Rotary Letter

This month's guest Rotorians are Gaz Fareham and Oz Holness

Simon Crow Discusses Gravel And Silt

A comprehensive... Interview to cracking both the soft and hard stuff

Going Against The Grain

Adam Penning's carp diary follows his first few sessions on his new campaign following a hit of three carp and an absolute monster...

Hookbaits: Taking Back Control

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion when it comes to bait? John Baker returns to explain how using your own unique hookbaits and free offerings can give you a huge edge.

A Technical Look At His Angling

As honest and forthright as ever, Sticky's man for all venues reveals the finer details of one of his favourite rigs, discusses his master of watercraft and answers questions posed in our recent Rotary Letter articles.