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November 2019 (Issue 191)

Inside the new CARPology

This month Samir Arebi stumbles across what appears to be a new 'super water'; Simon Scott examines carp teeth and read the exclusive story on the 44lb canal linear no one knew about.
And you get a free 32-page 90s special guide headlined by Terry Hearn.

Free 90s supplement

Inside: Terry Hearn recalls his memories of June 16th; the breakthrough methods of the 90s; the 'Bait Wars' of the 90s; life in a tackle shop before the start of a new season; and carp fishing on the internet in the 90s.

Diary of a Carp Farmer: Preparation, Teeth and Falling Temperatures

What’s sure to be an intriguing series kicks off with Simon Scott explaining how he first got into his chosen profession and a little bit about carp biology… all as he and his staff prepare for their busiest period of the year: harvest time!

The Girl With No Name

Ty Hunter recalls a twelve-month canal campaign that ended with something truly biblical…

A Decade of Change

We're back with Martin Symonds as he recalls an influx of rather famous names at Waveney Valley Lakes...

No Bullsh*t, Just Good Solid Angling

Martin Bowler recalls with some fondness, how the capture of a fish proved to be a turning point in his relationship with a favoured old venue...


Scott Lloyd’s with Dan Wildbore to chat about his vlogging and social media presence, his perhaps slightly unusual approach and even his diet!

Fortune & Misfortune

Circumstances see Samir Arebi facing an unplanned extended stay in France. The course of events from here on in will depend not only on the decisions he makes, but also perhaps, on lady luck...

The Wheel of Fortune

This month Simon Crow discusses the role that Lady Luck plays in catching the big ‘uns…