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Current Issue


Darrell Peck's Diary: On The Move...

Darrell Peck’s up against it once again, as he visits two unfamiliar waters with a film crew breathing down his neck (well, not literally these days, obviously!) - but guess what: he delivers once again, but it doesn’t come without plenty of moves…

The Rotary Letter's Back!

As our regular feature returns, Joe Morgan and Tom Stokes kick things off and talk otters, mini Zigs and catching carp in the wake of a speedboat!

Carping Allegedly

Bill Cottam returns with his trademark column… Be afraid. Be very afraid!

The Diary Of A Carp Farmer…

As he signs off at the end of what’s been an informative and insightful series, Simon Scott explains the science of silt, how carp feed, and ends with a thought-provoking suggestion regarding bait placement…

Pausing For Thought (Part 2)

What part - if any! - does your bait play in your captures and why? In the second part of John Baker’s mini bait series, he takes a detailed look at what exactly we’re all throwing into the lake!

CARPology Raw File

The Autumn Collection

If I Leave Here Tomorrow

The pleasure and the pain: carp fishing and the occasional memorable capture continue to provide welcome respite for Ian Chillcott…