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Pecky! Starting this issue, get a new and exclusive monthly glimpse into Darrell Peck's angling. Also inside Tom Maker recalls 36 hours he'll never forget and how he conquered Linear's Hardwick; there's a new 'open access venues' series; read all about Adam Penning's red letter session and Simon Scott's Diary of a Carp Farmer series continues.

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Get a free 32-page Sticky Baits and Thinking Anglers guide with this month's issue including features from Gaz Fareham, Steve Renyard, Oz Holness, Scott Lloyd, Tom Maker and more.

Darrell's Diary

As Darrell Peck joins CARPology’s team of regular contributors, he gives us a taste of things to come, and a glimpse of what it’s like in carp angling’s fast lane…

No Bullsh*t, Just Good Solid Angling

Opportunity knocks! How Tom Maker made the most of a vacated swim on Linear's Hardwick which resulted in one of the finest winter hauls of all time

‘I’ve Caught From Over 400 Venues And This Is What I’ve Learnt’

This month, Simon Crow focuses on one of the real fundamentals of carp fishing: understanding carp

The Diary Of A Carp Farmer

The carp harvest continues in West Sussex, and a rather pleasant surprise awaits Simon Scott and his colleagues as they net a particularly productive pond on site... 

Adam Penning's Carp Diary

Having completed a filming project, Adam returned to his target venue and the outcome was predictable: a red letter trip!