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Contented Creator

Alan Blair on sleep, breaking the rules, regretting nothing and staying blissfully happy

It’s All About The Angles

Cutting down the angles results in better indication, says Simon Crow, so giving a bit of thought to your set-up could result in more fish on the bank…

Different Level Dream Achieving

In an exclusive interview, Greg Ellis gives CARPology a firsthand insight into how he managed to do what just a handful before him had achieved: catch the Burghfield Common!

Darrell Peck's Diary

On a busy day-ticket water, the clock’s ticking and the cameras are rolling for our diarist in residence, but can he deliver…?

Warm Water, Low Oxygen and Plenty of Aeration!

This summer brought with it a literal perfect storm of very warm weather and overcast skies, and in his latest diary piece, Simon Scott explains why the low-pressure systems such as those we experienced recently, aren’t always good news for carp anglers, or carp fisheries…

Back To Black

Tom Stokes returns to the bank and redoubles his efforts to capture a much sought-after mirror carp…

Open-access Venues - Dawford Pool

Our own Luke Venus steps in for Chris Eaglestone, as he and Stu Lennox head west, but how did they fare on a small, newly opened venue…?