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Inside the new CARPology

This month Adam Penning recalls the incredible capture of an amazing 49lb+ mirror, read the secret details of Tom Maker's red-letter session and we examine a 57-inch 100lb+ common carp. Plus features from Alan Blair, Martin Bowler, Simon Scott, Terry Dempsey, Simon Crow and Matt Eaton. 

Free Ology+

This month get a free 16-page guide to the greatest captures that shaped carp fishing. Including catches from Terry Hearn, Kevin Ellis, Chris Yates, Pete Springate and more... 

Adam Penning's Carp Diary: Taking my breath away

This diary is a bit of a milestone, it's my fortieth offering believe it or not! When I cast my mind back over all those pages, it's a bit of a blur. I'm older, greyer and fatter but loving carp fishing more than I ever have, and that is saying something! Whether you've just started reading my ramblings or have been doing so since the start, thank you for your company, it's very appreciated. 

No Bullsh*t, Just Good Solid Angling

Tom Maker has been visiting the awesome Abbey Lakes in France for a good few years now, but on his latest adventure, during a freezing cold spell in mid-November, Tom and his dad really hit the jackpot...

Go with the flow

What started with a multi-venue road trip to Germany soon turned into something much bigger. The final venue on the trip really got under Alan's skin, and soon a full-blown winter campaign was underway - in the harshest of environments!

More about carp holes, and hectic carp juggling!

Simon Scott picks up where he left off last month, and draws on his experience as both an angler and a fish farmer to continue his fascinating insight into carp behaviour... 

Return to the estate

Back in the spring, ESP's Jack Reid spent a few blissful days and nights on a certain 'estate lake'. Well, come the autumn, he was back in that carp anglers' dreamscape for a one-off visit, and with exactly the same plan in mind...

400 venues & counting

In a brand-new series, Simon Crow reveals the ten biggest elements which have helped him catch from nearly 400 venues, starting this month with his second most important part in catching a carp: bait

Wraysbury 1: A session to remember

A mini campaign on RK Leisure's iconic venue will stay with Terry Dempsey for a good while, but not necessarily for all the right reasons...