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Look at us as your BBC iPlayer: we’re your go-to place for all the best in rigs, bait, tactics, interviews and just other inspirational angling stuff. We’ll cherrypick the best bits from around the web and put them all in one place so you don’t have to go off searching.

Plus, every fortnight we’ll also be bringing you the hottest new tackle and bait picks from our #OlogyHaul.

Featured Video
How to make a Spanish Omelette
Watch the video to see how to make a Spanish omelette in a RidgeMonkey.
Particle PVA bags
How to make a particle-filled solid PVA bag using Kryston's Bogey.
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to make Alan Blair's winter mix
Here is a mix that even the most lethargic of carp can't ignore! It's simply a winner!
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to make a winter stick mix
Pellets can be a huge part of your PVA bag mix, but be sure to check the oils in them during the winter.
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to make a krill winter bag mix
The guys at CC Moore have created a mix that is full of soluble attractors.
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Pancakes on the bank
How to make pancakes in a RidgeMonkey - the ultimate bankside treat!
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Corn-aligner Rig
Watch the video to see how to tie a simple corn-aligner rig.
20/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Bank Bug Rock Steady Back Rest
The Bank BUG Rock Steady Back Rest System V2 has finally arrived!
20/02/2017  /  by Reviews
Tie more effective carp rigs
Mike Salisbury discusses his two favourite set-ups: the Multi Rig and the Snowman...
20/02/2017  /  by KODEX
Prologic Spectrum Bulldozer Main Lines
A closer look at Prologic?'s Spectrum HDC Fluorocarbon and Bulldozer Main Lines...
13/02/2017  /  by Reviews
Winter stick and spod mix
How to make Adam Penning's winter stick and spod mix.
13/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Cork ball pop-ups
Watch the video to see how to make your own cork ball pop-ups.
13/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Make the most of a kilo
Watch the video to see how to make the most out of a kilo of boilies.
11/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Improve your feature finding
Watch the video to see how to improve your feature finding...
10/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Sinking your main line
Watch the video to see how to sink your main line...
10/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to snag fish
Watch the video to see how to fish towards snags safely and successfully.
09/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Avid Tardis RT Bivvy
We take a closer look at the Avid Tardis RT Bivvy. Read our full review in issue 156 of CARPology.
09/02/2017  /  by Reviews
Cyprinus 2-Man Tactical Bivvy
A closer look at the Cyprinus 2-Man Tactical Bivvy.
09/02/2017  /  by Reviews
Avid Tardis RT Bivvy
Avid Carp consultant Alex Lister takes a look at their Tardis RT Bivvy.
09/02/2017  /  by Avid
Inject solid PVA bags
Watch the video to see how to make and inject a solid PVA bag.
07/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to tie a Chod Rig
Watch this video to see how to tie a simple Chod Rig.
06/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to make a Spanish Omelette
Watch the video to see how to make a Spanish omelette in a RidgeMonkey.
06/02/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Cygnet Distance Sticks
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan takes a look at the Cygnet Tackle Distance Sticks.
27/01/2017  /  by Reviews
Vass Waders
Hassan Khan takes a look at one of his favourite items of fishing tackle: his Vass waders.
26/01/2017  /  by Reviews
Kodex Ectoplasm
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan takes a look at the Kodex Ectoplasm range.
25/01/2017  /  by Reviews
How to use back leads
Hassan Khan explains how to use back leads effectively and why you should use them.
18/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Using braid successfully
Watch this video to see how to use braid correctly and successfully.
17/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Improve your spodding
Watch this video to see how to improve your spodding.
17/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Duo IR
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan takes a look at the brand new RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Duo IR.
16/01/2017  /  by Reviews
How to spool up correctly with mono
Watch this video for top tips for spooling up correctly with mono.
12/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to make a fishy Method mix
Watch this quick video to see how to make a fishy Method mix.
12/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
How to master the throwing stick
Watch this video for top tips to mastering the throwing stick.
12/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Take Anywhere Rig
The rig you can take anywhere from the Car Park Lake to Thorpe Lea...
12/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Belachan Stick Mix
Watch the video to see how to make a belachan stick mix.
10/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Nutella French Toast
The ultimate winter bankside treat - how to make Nutella French Toast in a RidgeMonkey.
09/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Custom Pop-ups
Watch this simple video to see how make your own custom pop-ups
09/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Terry Hearn's Bottom Bait Rig
Watch this video to see how to tie Terry Hearn's Bottom Bait Rig.
09/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Pop-Up Corn Hookbait
Plastic corn banned? Here's how to make your own pop-up corn hookbait.
09/01/2017  /  by OlogyFix
Fortis FJ6 Jacket
Hassan Khan tests the Fortis FJ6 Jacket in -26 degrees while ice fishing in Finland!
09/01/2017  /  by Reviews
Berkley CB2000 Braid
CARPology's Hassan Khan gives a detailed review on Berkley's new CB2000 Braid Main Line.
05/01/2017  /  by Reviews
Wychwood 3 Rod Set-up
Hassan Khan gives a detailed review on a Wychwood 3 Rod Set-up.
05/01/2017  /  by Reviews
In session with Karl Pitcher
We head to Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire with Fox and Mainline's Karl Pitcher...
05/01/2017  /  by In Session
Looking after fluorocarbon
Watch this video to see how to look after your fluorocarbon main line.
20/12/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Making the right choices in winter
Jack Funnell visits Clay Pit Fishery to reveal how he consistently catches carp in winter.
20/12/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Tackle Stiff Ultra Skin
The benefits of using Gardner Tackle's Stiff Ultra Skin.
20/12/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Adam Penning's Multi Rig
Watch the video to see how to tie Adam Penning's Multi Rig MkII.
18/12/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Chub Carp Care
Chub's new range of carp care products. Give your prize catch greater protection.
15/12/2016  /  by Chub
Chub Cookware
Chub's first complete cookware set containing everything you need for a session on the bank.
15/12/2016  /  by Chub
Chub Footwear
Chub's new Vantage Footwear. Stay dry and comfortable with this lightweight, breathable range.
15/12/2016  /  by Chub
Greys Prodigy Apex
The Prodigy Apex is the ultimate Prodigy carp rod. Watch the video to find out more...
15/12/2016  /  by Greys
Greys Prodigy GT4
The Prodigy GT4 is the fourth generation of the class leading Prodigy carp rods.
15/12/2016  /  by Greys
JRC Stealth Bloxx Compact Bivvy
The Stealth Bloxx Compact comes with two storm poles as well as a tension system at the peak.
15/12/2016  /  by JRC
JRC Cocoon 2G Twin Skin Bivvy
The Stealth Bloxx Compact comes with 2 storm poles as well as a tension system at the peak.
15/12/2016  /  by JRC
JRC Cocoon 2G Shelter
The perfect quick overnight/day shelter. The Cocoon Shelter is lightweight and simplistic.
15/12/2016  /  by JRC
JRC X Lite Bankware range
A closer look at the new JRC X Lite Bankware range.
15/12/2016  /  by JRC
Simple Pop-Up Rig
Watch this quick video to see how to tie a really simple pop-up rig.
12/12/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Hemp hookbait
Watch this quick video to see how to make the ultimate hemp hookbait
12/12/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Fox EOS 12000 & 12000FS Reels
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the new Fox EOS 12000 and 12000FS Reels.
12/12/2016  /  by Reviews
New Trakker NXG Luggage
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan takes a look at the new additions to Trakker's NXG Luggage range.
12/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Berkley CF600 Fluorocarbon Carp Line
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives a detailed review on Berkley's new CF600 Fluorocarbon Main Line.
12/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Kodex X-10 Bite Alarm
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives a detailed review on Kodex's X-10 Bite Alarm.
12/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Terry Hearn's Mary Rig
How to tie the rig that Terry Hearn caught Mary with at a British record weight of 55lb 13oz.
08/12/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Taska Dreamlina Bedchair
Taska has released what we think might be the most feature-packed bedchair ever.
07/12/2016  /  by Reviews
ESP Lo Pro Brolly
The iconic oval brolly has finally been given a facelift thanks to ESP's Dave Ellyatt.
06/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+.
05/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Berkley CM90 Carp Line
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the new Berkley CM90 Carp Line.
05/12/2016  /  by Reviews
FishSpy Underwater Camera
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the FishSpy Underwater Camera.
05/12/2016  /  by Reviews
Kodex Eazi-Carry Robo Carp Chair
Kodex’s Eazi-Carry Robo Chair is perfect for the mobile/roaming angler.
03/12/2016  /  by KODEX
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher.
29/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Spotted Fin Frank Warwick Range
Hassan Khan gives you a quick review on the Spotted Fin Frank Warwick range.
29/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Berkley Direct Connect Carp Lines
Hassan Khan gives you a quick look at the new Berkley Direct Connect Carp Lines.
29/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Trakker N2 Chest Waders
Hassan Khan gives you a quick look at the new Trakker N2 Chest Waders.
29/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Urban Bait Nutcracker Hookbaits
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the Urban Bait Nutcracker hookbait range.
22/11/2016  /  by Reviews
How to make an irresistible paste hookbait perfect for this winter.
22/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to make bread sticks
How to make bread sticks - perfect for carp fishing in the winter.
22/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Big otter law change
You can now trap otters that are caught within a fenced fishery - watch the video to find out more...
21/11/2016  /  by In Session
Main line rig
Watch this video to see how to tie a simple main line rig.
16/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
The Seesaw Rig
Ian Stott on the Seesaw rig. A presentation that has accounted for a number of big carp.
15/11/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Changing ATTx Deluxe Receiver Lenses
Lewis Read explains how to change the lenses on a ATTx Deluxe Receiver.
15/11/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Wychwood AVX-s Alarms
Darryll Slater talks through the new AVX-s alarms, highlighting the key features.
15/11/2016  /  by Wychwood
Wychwood Parka
Fully waterproof with an 8,000mm hydrostatic head outer material and 5,000g m2 breathability.
15/11/2016  /  by Wychwood
Wychwood Bib and Brace
Combining comfort, warmth, durability and practicality to keep you sheltered.
15/11/2016  /  by Wychwood
Wychwood Tackle Organiser
Perfect piece of luggage to carry your terminal tackle to the bank.
15/11/2016  /  by Wychwood
Chub Cyfish Bivvy
An extremely versatile range that can be used for short or long sessions.
11/11/2016  /  by Chub
How to make a breakfast bagel
How to make a breakfast bagel in a RidgeMonkey - set yourself up for a day of hauling.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Karl Pitcher Spodding Essentials
Karl Pitcher explains the essential items you need when spodding.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Fishery owner day ticket tips
Fishery owner Ben Gratwicke reveals his top tips for day ticket fishing.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to spod at long range
Mainline Baits' Karl Pitcher explains how to spod at long range.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Karl Pitcher's Solid Bag Rig Set-up
Karl Pitcher shows how to tie his solid bag rig and what lead set-up he uses.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to tie a solid PVA bag
Mainline Baits' Karl Pitcher explains how to tie a solid PVA bag.
11/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
A day in the life of a fishery owner
Digger Lakes fishery owner Ben Gratwicke shows us what it's really like to run a fishery.
11/11/2016  /  by In Session
RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher
Whether you're into boilie crumb or crushed tigers, this will save you time and energy.
11/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Fox Easy Dome Maxi Range
There are three models in the new Fox Easy Dome Maxi bivvy range.
11/11/2016  /  by Fox
JRC Cocoon 2G Bivvy
The new Cocoon 2G Bivvy range featuring a brand new square frame construction.
11/11/2016  /  by JRC
Mainline Baits Essential Cell
The latest food source bait to join the extensive range of freezer baits at Mainline...
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
Mainline Baits Stick Mix Liquids
PVA friendly & packed full of natural attractors - an ideal additive for PVA presentations & more...
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
Mainline Baits Toppers
Ian Chillcott explains the new Toppers from Mainline Baits.
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
The advantages of using dumbells
From shape, size, smell and durability - Chilly reveals the advantages of using with Dumbells...
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
How to make spod mix boilies
How to give your baiting approach a different dimension by making spod mix boilies...
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
How to make PVA Sticks
How to make-up an Essential Cell Stick & Bag Mix then tie and present a PVA Stick.
10/11/2016  /  by Mainline
Spomb Range Unboxing Review
CARPology Presenter, Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the Spomb range.
09/11/2016  /  by Reviews
Solar Tackle P1 Adjustable Buzzer Bars
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the Solar Tackle Adjustable Buzzer Bars.
09/11/2016  /  by Reviews
How to make a Magic Method Mix
Watch this short video to see how to make a Magic Method Mix.
08/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to enhance your winter hookbaits
Mainline Baits' Karl Pitcher explains how to add attraction to your hookbaits this winter.
08/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to tie Karl Pitcher's Distance Rig
Karl explains how he ties his long distance rig and why he uses it.
08/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
How to make brownies on the bank
How to make a brownie in a RidgeMonkey - the ultimate bankside treat this winter!
08/11/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Dave Lane checking a baited spot
Dave Lane uses the FishSpy camera to confirm if his baited spot has been visited.
08/11/2016  /  by FishSpy
DT Bait Coldwater Green Beast Range
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the DT Bait Coldwater Green Beast range.
03/11/2016  /  by Reviews
ESP Tungsten Loaded Hooklinks
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on ESP's Tungsten Loaded Hooklinks.
02/11/2016  /  by Reviews
CarpLounge RT4
A closer look at the CarpLounge RT4 boat. Read the full review in issue 152 of CARPology.
01/11/2016  /  by Reviews
ESP Cryogen Hooks
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on ESP's Cryogen hooks.
31/10/2016  /  by Reviews
Avid Carp CURVEX Carp Rods
What if carp rods could be powerful and boast a genuine all-through action? Now they can...
31/10/2016  /  by Reviews
How to spool up with fluorocarbon
Seemingly having a mind of its own, fluorocarbon main lines can be tricky to use.
31/10/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Chub Vantage 5 Season Sleeping Bag
Chub's brand new range of Vantage Sleeping Bags. Unrivalled warmth and freedom of movement.
31/10/2016  /  by Chub
JRC Radar CX Alarms
Designed and engineered in the UK, the Radar CX Alarms offer great performance for your money.
31/10/2016  /  by JRC
Dairy Supreme Booster Trick
Pimp your Dairy Supremes and give them a sweet, creamy twist.
28/10/2016  /  by CC Moore
CC Moore Seasons of Carp
CC Moore visit a number of venues with some of the country's best anglers.
27/10/2016  /  by CC Moore
Issue 152 Teaser Dan Whitford interview
Dan Whitford recalls the highs and lows of fishing a windswept boating lake close to home.
26/10/2016  /  by In Session
Fox Grappling Marker Leads
Designed to give you more insight into the makeup of the lakebed than ever before.
26/10/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Camotex Inline Leads
Introducing Fox's new Camotex Impact Inline Leads, designed to turn pick ups into hooked carp!
26/10/2016  /  by Fox
Fox FX13 Reel
If you want to cast further than before then you’re sure to want to find out more about Fox's FX13 reel.
26/10/2016  /  by Fox
Dave Levy's Blowback Rig
Watch this short video to see how to tie Dave Levy's Blowback Rig.
21/10/2016  /  by In Session
OlogyFix Mega Toastie
How to use a RidgeMonkey to make the ultimate bankside toastie...
20/10/2016  /  by OlogyFix
OlogyFix Multi Rig
A short video on how to tie a Multi Rig - perfect for fishing with pop-ups.
20/10/2016  /  by OlogyFix
OlogyFix Coconut Bombs
How to make Coconut Bombs using Bait-Tech's Sweet Coconut Method Mix and Liquid.
20/10/2016  /  by OlogyFix
OlogyFix Ronnie Rig
How to tie the Ronnie Rig - it's like a mini, super safe, 360 rig which properly nails 'em!
20/10/2016  /  by OlogyFix
Fox Retreat+ Compact Bivvy
This Retreat+ Compact is the smallest in the Retreat+ family, but it's packed with features.
17/10/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Retreat+ 2 Man Bivvy
The best pram-hood bivvy for long sessions that will keep you protected from the elements.
17/10/2016  /  by Fox
Fox 10K Hydro Jacket & Salopettes
The 10K Jacket and Salopettes are available separately but together make the perfect suit!
17/10/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Retreat+ 1-Man Bivvy
The new Retreat+ bivvy - the best pram-hood bivvy ever made!
17/10/2016  /  by Fox
Prologic Frame-X1 Bivvy range
The Frame-X1 has been given a huge facelift along with several major improvements.
13/10/2016  /  by Prologic
Wychwood System Select Luggage
A glance at Wychwood's new System Select luggage range - reviewed in issue 152.
12/10/2016  /  by Reviews
Ali Hamidi using the Deeper PRO+ Sonar
Ali Hamidi using Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ behind the scenes of "The Big Fish Off" filming.
11/10/2016  /  by Deeper
Avid Carp Product Test Curvex Rods
Avid Carp's Ian Russell & Mat Woods product test the new Curvex rods in Austria.
07/10/2016  /  by Avid
Are you using the correct rod?
This video will help you to make the right decision when buying a new set of rods.
07/10/2016  /  by Avid
Taska 13.9 PRO Edition Stainless
A very up-close and detailed look at the new 13.9 PRO Edition Stainless range of bankware.
06/10/2016  /  by Taska
Taska Sneeka VBS Bed System
An up-close and detailed look at the brand new Sneeka VBS (Versatile Bed System).
06/10/2016  /  by Taska
Taska 13.9 PRO Edition Snag Ears
Kieran Panchal gives you a full insight into the 13.9 PRO Edition Stainless Snag Ears.
06/10/2016  /  by Taska
Taska Sneeka Brolly System
Ben Francis gives you a complete insight into the new Sneeka Brolly System, and what it has to offer.
06/10/2016  /  by Taska
Trakker NXG XL PVA Pouch
The NXG PVA Pouch features a multitude of internal pockets and compartments.
06/10/2016  /  by Trakker
Gardner Tackle Camera Angles
Lewis Read explains everything you need to know about Gardner's Camera Angles.
05/10/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Tackle App
Make sure you check out our brand new and totally FREE to download Gardner Tackle App.
05/10/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Trakker 12ins Pegs
These heavy-duty 12ins bivvy pegs offer extra security when pegging out your shelter.
03/10/2016  /  by Trakker
Deeper PRO+ John Flewin Review
John gives a brief display of how he has started to use the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+.
03/10/2016  /  by Deeper
Trakker NXG Chilla Bags
The two NXG Chilla Bags are the ideal solution for transporting and storing fresh food and bait.
01/10/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Essentials Bag
The ideal luggage item for keeping all of your personal items safely in one place.
30/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker N2 Chest Waders
The N2 Chest Waders are ideal for wading out to net fish, cast or place your rig,
28/09/2016  /  by Trakker
CCMoore Intense Cooked Particles
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the CC Moore Intense Cooked Particle collection.
28/09/2016  /  by Reviews
RidgeMonkey Vault Battery Pack
Hassan Khan gives you a review on the RidgeMonkey Vault Battery Pack.
28/09/2016  /  by Reviews
Fortis Eyewear Bays Smoke Grey
Hassan Khan gives you a detailed review on the Fortis Eyewear Bays Smoke Grey.
28/09/2016  /  by Reviews
Dave Levy Hook Sharpening
Dave Levy explains how to perfectly sharpen your hooks.
28/09/2016  /  by In Session
Top Tips For Day Ticket Fishing
Wychwood Consultant Darryll Slater gives his top tips for day ticket fishing.
28/09/2016  /  by In Session
Jensen Mannings' Multi Rig
Jensen Mannings explains how he ties his Multi Rig and why it's different.
28/09/2016  /  by In Session
The World's Most Versatile Rod Pod
Any venue, any country, any situation. Solar Tackle's new P1 Worldwide Pod has it covered.
28/09/2016  /  by Solar Tackle
Solar Tackle's P1 Buzz Bars
Precision engineered in the UK, these adjustable buzz bars are part Solar's P1 stainless range.
28/09/2016  /  by Solar Tackle
KODEX Ready-tied Chod Rigs
Introducing the new KODEX Chod rigs. Precision tied using high quality components.
27/09/2016  /  by KODEX
Super-heavy Tungsten putty
Graviton putty has a high-Tungsten, heavy-weight content that hugs the lakebed and sinks quickly.
27/09/2016  /  by KODEX
KODEX Ectoplasm Bait Additive
KODEX Ectoplasm - the bait additive that carp cannot resist...
27/09/2016  /  by KODEX
Trakker Sanctuary Net Float
This slide-on landing net buoyancy aid helps to prevent nets from sinking and snagging.
26/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker Tempest Skull Caps
The range of Tempest Skull Caps comprises four models to cover all five models of Tempest.
24/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Below The Surface John Kneebone
We head over to Wraysbury to test the skills of John Kneebone - read more in issue 151.
23/09/2016  /  by In Session
Aqua Heritage 60 Brolly
There isn't anything much better than Aqua's Heritage 60 Brolly - reviewed in issue 151.
23/09/2016  /  by Reviews
Fox Camolite Supa Brolly
A closer look at the features of the Fox Camolite Supa Brolly - reviewed in issue 151.
23/09/2016  /  by Reviews
Solar Tackle P1 Worldwide Pod
Another stand-out product from Solar Tackle: the P1 Worldwide Pod. Reviewed in issue 151.
23/09/2016  /  by Reviews
Issue 151 Teaser Jensen Mannings
In issue 151 of CARPology, Jensen Mannings looks back at his year so far in angling.
22/09/2016  /  by In Session
Trakker Levelite Longback Chair
The Levelite Longback offers an elevated seating position and ergonomically-designed padding.
22/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Tips on using your Deeper device
How to charge your Deeper, how often do you need to do it and how to make sure it's fully waterproof.
21/09/2016  /  by Deeper
Trakker RLX Combi Chair
The RLX Combi Chair features a multi-positional rear leg and a removable padded cover.
20/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker Tempest Utility Fronts
Transform a Tempest Composite Bivvy or Brolly with the addition of a Tempest Utility Front.
18/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker Core Multi Suit
The three-piece multi-suit is designed to protect the angler when the weather turns nasty.
16/09/2016  /  by Trakker
Fox Warrior Sleeping Bag
The Warrior Sleeping bag is packed with features and represents exceptional value for money.
02/09/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Chunk Avius Sunglasses
Fox Chunk eyewear represents a fusion of practical performance and high street inspiration.
02/09/2016  /  by Fox
Tom's Viral Episode 5
Its been over 2 years since the last Tom's Viral, but he's finally dusted off the old camcorder.
01/09/2016  /  by Nash
Jimmy's Diary - The Estate
James Armstrong starts a new campaign on a beautiful estate lake
30/08/2016  /  by CC Moore
Fox R Series Camo Chairs
Introducing the R Series Camo Chairs from Fox International.
29/08/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Duralite Chair
At just over 3kg this might be lightweight but it sure does pack a punch.
27/08/2016  /  by Fox
Fox's The Syndicate explained...
Mark Pitchers talks you through Fox's newly launched 'The Syndicate.'
26/08/2016  /  by Fox
Improve your hooking mechanics
How to improve the hooking mechanics of your rig with Gardner's Hook Aligners.
26/08/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Avid Carp BoBBins
The awesome new BoBBins from Avid Carp - you can fish wherever you want.
26/08/2016  /  by Avid
Deeper Anglers Paradise 2016 Part 1
Team OTBA head to Anglers Paradise down in Devon to test out the new Deeper PRO+.
26/08/2016  /  by Deeper
Deeper Anglers Paradise 2016 Part 2
Team OTBA head to Anglers Paradise down in Devon to test out the new Deeper PRO+.
26/08/2016  /  by Deeper
Fox Reflex Compact Bivvy
The Reflex Compact is a high quality, lightweight, pram-hood style bivvy.
25/08/2016  /  by Fox
Gardner Tackle's Weed Rakes
How to get perfect line lay and clean spots for your rigs in weed
24/08/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Sonik SKS Air Dry Bag
A closer look at the features of the Sonik SKS Air Dry Bag.
05/08/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Sonik SKS Refresh Water Bucket
The Sonik SKS Refresh water bucket which packs down completely flat.
05/08/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Sonik SKS Bivvy Table
The SKS Bivvy Table features a coated aluminium top and fully adjustable leg locking functions.
05/08/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Sonik SKS Floating Weigh Sling
A look at the Sonik SKS Floating Weigh Sling and its features.
05/08/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Sonik SKS Framed cradle
Everything you need to know about the Sonik SKS Framed cradle.
05/08/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Urban Banx 8: Cardiff
Alan heads across the Bristol Channel to Wales to tackle a special lake right in the heart of Cardiff.
01/08/2016  /  by Nash
Dean Watson Blog Summer 2016
In session carp blogs from CC Moore's Dean Watson.
26/07/2016  /  by CC Moore
Sonik S6 Rods
A closer look at the Sonik S6 rods and their features.
22/07/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Fox Royale Euro Dome
Based on the same design as Royale Classic bivvy, but also features a removable inner dome
18/07/2016  /  by Fox
Sonik SKS Stalking Set-up
The complete Sonik setup for your stalking this year - here's a closer look.
13/07/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Fox Carp Fishing Edges DVD Vol. 4
Carp Fishing Edges is back! Volume 4 brings you carp angling variety in abundance.
08/07/2016  /  by Fox
Prologic SNZ Alarms
New design and internal components has been used to provide total reliability.
22/06/2016  /  by Prologic
Okuma Trio Rex Reels
Adam Penning talks us through why he uses the Okuma Trio Rex reels.
21/06/2016  /  by Prologic
Sonik XTI Supadome
Built for the serious session angler who is looking for a quick to set up shelter system.
21/06/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Avid Carp's new Outline line
You'll wonder how you ever caught a fish using standard reel lines.
16/06/2016  /  by Avid
Can you see the Outline?
Avid's Outline concept has been developed using their our own Reflo Two-Tone technology.
16/06/2016  /  by Avid
Stalking essentials
If you can't see em, you can't catch em. How to use polarised sunglasses in your fishing.
15/06/2016  /  by Avid
Dovetail Games Euro Fishing
Go deep into the adrenaline-packed action, fun and beauty of Europe’s most famous lakes.
15/06/2016  /  by Dovetail
Ian Hirst's oily boilies
How adding a coating of oil to Poloni Boilies can really boost the attraction.
10/06/2016  /  by Bait-Tech
Seasons of Carp
Over 2 hours of the hottest carping action, from the UK's finest anglers! Enjoy.
10/06/2016  /  by CC Moore
Fox Camolite Bucket Carryall
The new Camo Ruckall is a rucksack in carryall form and boasts a host of great features.
10/06/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Edges Volume 4 Trailer
Coming to a tackle shop near you soon very soon from Fox International.
10/06/2016  /  by Fox
Trakker Tempest Insect Panels
Designed to allow the Tempest user to keep annoying flying insects out.
06/06/2016  /  by Trakker
Fox Easy Shelter
The Easy Shelter is a lightweight, popup shelter that is ideal for day sessions and overnighters.
31/05/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Collapsible Water Bucket
Ideal for keeping your catch wet without the need for lugging round a bulky bucket.
31/05/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Camolite Ruckall
A rucksack in carryall form that boasts a host of great features, Mark Pitchers explains.
31/05/2016  /  by Fox
Avid Carp Next Level Carp Fishing 2
The lad's head off carp fishing - targeting tricky big fish venues from around the UK.
31/05/2016  /  by Avid
Cygnet Easylift Weigh Bar
The Easylift Weigh Bar enable 2-handed hoisting of the scales.
24/05/2016  /  by Cygnet
Dean Watson Blog Spring 2016
In session carp blogs from CC Moore's Dean Watson.
23/05/2016  /  by CC Moore
Sonik SKS Introduction
An introduction to all the products in the Sonik SKS range.
20/05/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Aqua Black Series Large Rucksack
Spare clothing, waders and bed chair covers all take up space but this rucksack has you covered.
10/05/2016  /  by Aqua
Aqua Black Series Bankstick Roll
This handy roll up solution is perfect for protecting your indicator set up in transit.
10/05/2016  /  by Aqua
Aqua Black Series Stalking Bag
A lightweight satchel, perfect for stalking, short sessions and floater fishing.
10/05/2016  /  by Aqua
Aqua Black Series Modular Cool Bags
With these cool bags you can tailor the perfect tackle, bait and food solution.
10/05/2016  /  by Aqua
DSK rods from Avid Carp
The DSK rods from Avid Carp are true casting tools.
09/05/2016  /  by Avid
MSX rods from Avid Carp
The MSX is arguably the best looking carp rod on the market today. It oozes quality.
09/05/2016  /  by Avid
Carp fishing rods under £100
Avid Carp's brand manager Mat Woods reveals their new Traction rod range.
09/05/2016  /  by Avid
New additions to the Traction rod range
Avid's popular Traction rod range now features two lighter models - 2.5lb & 2.75lb.
09/05/2016  /  by Avid
Sonik XTi 1 & 2 Man Bivvy Setup
A short video showing how to setup your Sonik 1 or 2 man XTI bivvy.
03/05/2016  /  by Sonik Sports
Next Level Zig Rig
Gardner Tackle's Lewis Read shows how he ties his favourite Zig Rig.
27/04/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Three new Deeper Smart Sonars
Three new smart sonars especially designed to improve your angling performance.
26/04/2016  /  by Deeper
Fox VRS Sleeping Bag
The VRS is a 5 Season sleeping bag that can be turned into a 3 Season option.
25/04/2016  /  by Fox
Fox VRS Sleeping Bag Cover
The VRS Sleeping Bag Cover is made from top quality Ven-Tec Rip Stop material.
25/04/2016  /  by Fox
Deeper: First time experience
Carp angler Martin Coyler uses the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ for the first time.
24/04/2016  /  by Deeper
Using the Deeper Fishfinder
How Ricky Knight used the Deeper Fishfinder to map out a new water and catch a record.
22/04/2016  /  by Deeper
Catching monster carp
Watch how anglers use a Deeper Smart Fishfinder to catch monster carp.
21/04/2016  /  by Deeper
Fox Black Label Compact Pod
An incredibly small and nifty little pod which is a must have for the mobile angler.
19/04/2016  /  by Fox
Fox Swingers - now available in purple
The Fox Range of Swingers are now available with purple heads following popular demand.
19/04/2016  /  by Fox
The Advanced Combi Rig
Dan Chart talks you through the Advanced Combi Rig.
15/04/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Tackle Trick Link
The ultimate mono hooklink for booms, combis and clones.
08/04/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Tackle Rod and Lead Straps
Designed to retain the lead when you are packing your rods away with the rigs still attached.
08/04/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Avid Carp Tardis Bivvy
The Tardis Bivvy is compact on the outside, but spacious on the inside.
04/04/2016  /  by Avid
Avid Carp HQ 1 Man Bivvy with Peak
Avid Carp's super-succesful HQ bivvy now features a peak!
04/04/2016  /  by Avid
Avid Carp HQ 2 Man Bivvy with Peak
Avid Carp's super-succesful HQ bivvy now features a peak!
04/04/2016  /  by Avid
Avid Carp Basecamper Bivvy & Overwrap
Dave Moult reveals Avid's first Bivvy with a dedicated outer wrap, the Basecamper.
04/04/2016  /  by Avid
Fox's Swim Mapper Explained
Fox's Scott Day explains how Swim Mapper can benefit your angling...
30/03/2016  /  by Fox
Lewis Read on the German Rig
The German Rig offers amazing hook holds in a tangle resistant format.
26/03/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
How to target carp on limited time
Rick Golder explains his approach when targeting big carp on limited time.
26/03/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Trakker Levelite Transformer Chair
Jerry Bridger takes you through the features and benefits of using the Levelite Transformer Chair.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Deluxe Food Set
Adam Reed reveals the NXG Deluxe Food Set – the bankside dining solution for two.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Compact Food Set
Adam Reed looks at what you get with the NXG Compact Food Set.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Tackle & Rig Pouch
Jerry Bridger takes a look at the NXG Tackle & Rig Pouch –a multi-purpose, clear-topped, soft box.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker EQ 2-piece Landing Net
Adam Reed takes a look at the EQ 2-piece Landing Net.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Lead and Leader Pouch
Jerry Bridger takes a look at what makes the NXG Lead & Leader Pouch stand out from the crowd.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Roll-Up Bed Bag
Jerry Bridger explains how the NXG Roll-Up Bed Bag differs from other bed chair storage solutions.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Bitz Pouches
Jerry Bridger looks at the features of the three clear-topped Bitz Pouches in the NXG range.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker Levelite Compact Chair
Jerry Bridger takes a look at the ultra-comfortable Levelite Compact Chair.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker NXG Camera Bag
Adam Reed takes a look at the NXG Camera Bag from Trakker's Spring/Summer 2016 collection.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker Sanctuary Stink Sleeves
Adam Reed describes the benefits of using the Sanctuary Retention Welded Stink Sleeves.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Trakker RLX Flat-6 Superlite Bed
The RLX Flat-6 Superlite Bed weighs-in at approx. 7kg, and features a reinforced, firmer mid-section.
25/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Fox Swim Mapper app
The main functions of Fox International's revolutionary new Swim Mapper app.
21/03/2016  /  by Fox
Team Trakker – A Week on Teillatts
Team Trakker across the Channel to fish for huge carp at Les Teillatts.
15/03/2016  /  by Trakker
FishSpy underwater footage
Using FishSpy occasionally you get lucky and land it straight on the fish.
15/03/2016  /  by FishSpy
More FishSpy underwater footage
Footage from a huge variety of waters, from gin clear gravel pits to murky lakes.
15/03/2016  /  by FishSpy
Lee Wagner's coldwater tactics
Lee demonstrates how effective staying mobile and fishing off the barrow can be during the cold.
12/03/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Lee Wagner's next level Chod Rig
Lee Wagner reveals his super aggressive Chod Rig that gives the strongest possible hook holds.
11/03/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
The ultimate carp care treatment
Intensive Care spray is a new concept in angler focused fish care.
08/03/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Avid Carp Rock Steady Leg System
A closer look at the Rock Steady Leg System which features on Avid's bedchairs and chairs.
04/03/2016  /  by Avid
Avid Carp Megabite Range
A look at the Avid Carp Megabite bedchairs and chair which feature the Rock Steady Leg System
04/03/2016  /  by Avid
Dave Lane uses a FishSpy in winter
Dave Lane uses a FishSpy underwater camera on a deep gravel pit in winter
03/03/2016  /  by FishSpy
FishSpy With Dave Lane
Dave Lane putting the FishSpy underwater camera through its paces.
03/03/2016  /  by FishSpy
FishSpy in low visibility murky water
FishSpy gives a unique insight of the lake bed and reveals features never seen before.
03/03/2016  /  by FishSpy
Trakker A Bit On The Side
Adam Reed and cameraman Gaz manage to squeeze in a bit of fishing at Walthamstow.
01/03/2016  /  by Trakker
Dean Watson Blog - February 2016
Dean gets 2016 off to a great start with several twenties in his first session of the year.
18/02/2016  /  by CC Moore
Introducing Hydro Tuff Main Line
Made for those situations where you absolutely need the toughest line you can get.
17/02/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Next level carp luggage from Avid Carp
The new carp luggage concept from Avid Carp - the Tuned collection.
12/02/2016  /  by Avid
Avid Carp Day Session Kit
Nigel Williams takes a closer look at the new Day Session Kit.
12/02/2016  /  by Avid
Kris Ollington's Big Fish Rig
Kris's devastating rig presentation that has accounted for a huge amount of big fish.
10/02/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Tackle Hinged Stiff Rigs
The Hinged Stiff Rig is one of the most effective pop-up rigs there is.
04/02/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Hook sharpening made easy
The Point Dr blocks - an easy, user friendly way of improving your hook points
02/02/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Gardner Pro and Pro XM Main Line
Introducing Gardner's Pro Light Blend, Pro Dark Blend and Pro XM main lines.
27/01/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Mistral Baits Boilie Chopper
The Boilie Chopper in just a few turns of the handle will chop boilies in to a mixture of sizes.
27/01/2016  /  by Mistral Baits
Ultra Skin from Gardner Tackle
The Perfect Skinned Hook Length. Ultra Skin is a super soft, supple skinned hook link material.
21/01/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Pro-Pela & Skorpion Throwing Sticks
Introducing the new Pro-Pela and Skorpion Carbon Throwing Sticks from Gardner Tackle.
20/01/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
GT-HD High Definition Main Line
A new high performance copolymer main line that casts like a dream.
13/01/2016  /  by Gardner Tackle
Big hit fishing with Calum Kletta
Calum Kletta, visits Thorpe Lea fishery and reveals his approach to big hit fishing.
17/12/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
JRC Cocoon Luggage
Introducing the new Cocoon luggage range from JRC.
14/12/2015  /  by JRC
Jimmy's Diary Part 1 - Autumn Harvest
James Armstrong's diary is back. He reflects on his last two seasons and an eventful fortnight.
04/12/2015  /  by CC Moore
Greys GT Extreme Spod & Marker Rods
Gives high accuracy to cast to the same spot and the power to fire your lead to the horizon.
04/12/2015  /  by Greys
The Day Ticket Approach
Brandon Butler visits Theale Island lake to show you how to target intimate day ticket venues.
01/12/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
JRC Kurve Indicator System
You've chosen your location, fishing for illusive carp, but distractions. Can you keep focused?
25/11/2015  /  by JRC
Dean Watson Monthly Blog - November
Bait-Tech's Dean Watson tells us what he got up to in November...
20/11/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
Operation Freedom - Alex Norgate
Carp Watercraft's Alex Norgate gives us a beautiful look at his carping adventures...
16/11/2015  /  by CC Moore
How to tie a solid PVA bag
Karl Pitcher shows us how to tie the great carp-catching tactic that is solid PVA bags.
16/11/2015  /  by CC Moore
How to catch big carp by Kev Hewitt
Kev Hewitt show us all how to catch specimen fish consistently...
16/11/2015  /  by CC Moore
Avid Carp Traction Rods
Avid's Traction rods boast a new Reactive carbon fibre technology, wrapped in matt 3k weave.
10/11/2015  /  by Avid
Day Ticket & Club Water Tactics
Ian Lewis describes the methods and tactics he uses to catch carp from well stocked venues.
04/11/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Alan Blair - Urban Banx 7.5
Find out what Alan has been up to over the past few months.
04/11/2015  /  by Nash
Urban Banx 7.5
We find out what Alan has been up to over the past few months and where he has been.
03/11/2015  /  by Nash
Chub Vantage Clothing
The new Chub Vantage Clothing range. Offering functionality, durability and mobility.
02/11/2015  /  by Chub
Dean Watson Monthly Blog - October
Bait-Tech's Dean Watson tells us what he got up to in October...
27/10/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
JRC Stealth X Lite Landing Net
JRC Pro Team member, Roy Allen introduces the Stealth X-Lite Landing Net.
15/10/2015  /  by JRC
Rig Confidence With Ian Chillcott
Ian shows you how to tie a rig that has worked for him around the world.
15/10/2015  /  by Mainline
JRC Extreme TX Brolly System
JRC UK Pro Team member, Rich Seeds introduces the Extreme TX Brolly.
14/10/2015  /  by JRC
The Cast'Izm BR Reel From Daiwa
The second generation Cast'Izm reel from Daiwa with it's Bite 'n' Run system.
14/10/2015  /  by Reviews
The Emblem BR Reel From Daiwa
The new Emblem BR reel from Daiwa - a 20-year-old reel mixed with 21st century tech...
14/10/2015  /  by Reviews
The Covert Lead Safe System
Construct simple, super safe, tangle free bolt rigs in situations where losing a lead is unnecessary.
07/10/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
New ENS Bivvy One Man by Prologic
A closer look at the new Easy Night System Bivvy from Prologic.
22/09/2015  /  by Prologic
JRC Contact Barrow
JRC UK Pro Team member, Ellis Brazier introduces the JRC Contact Barrow.
18/09/2015  /  by JRC
JRC Contact Barrow - 10 seconds!
JRC UK Pro, Ellis Brazier shows how easy it is to pack away the JRC Contact Barrow.
18/09/2015  /  by JRC
Line with clear benefits
The new addition to the high performance GT80+ main line range.
16/09/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
The Ultra D Rig
Ian Lewis explains how to tie the very effective Ultra D rig.
16/09/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
JRC - Tackle any situation
Offering reliability, performance and the expertise to make intelligent choices.
10/09/2015  /  by JRC
JRC - Baiting Applications
JRC UK Pro, Rich Seeds shows what can be achieved with successful bait application.
10/09/2015  /  by JRC
JRC Extreme TX Bivvy
JRC UK Pro Team member, Rich Seeds introduces the Extreme TX Bivvy.
10/09/2015  /  by JRC
The F.U. Rig
A presentation that when all else fails, seems to trick up the wariest of big carp.
08/09/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Frank Warwick's best-kept secret!
Frank explains why Imitation Casters are so good - and reveals his best rig.
01/09/2015  /  by Enterprise Tackle
Dean Watson Monthly Blog - August
Bait-Tech's Dean Watson tells us what he got up to in August...
27/08/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
New Ultra Skin from Gardner Tackle
A super soft, supple skinned hooklink material available in three colours and breaking strains.
25/08/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Canal carp fishing with Nick Helleur
Nick heads down to a local stretch of the Grand Union Canal in pursuit of some elusive carp.
25/08/2015  /  by Wychwood
Tom Maker's Top Tips for Linear
Tom Maker shares some of his very best tips for tackling Linear Fisheries...
24/08/2015  /  by Fox
Cyprinus Fishing Chairs
Four very different chairs each with one common quality - bank-side comfort!
24/08/2015  /  by Reviews
Rock Steady Back Rests from Bank BUG
A look at the supreme rod-locking-security made possible thanks to the Rock Steady Back Rests...
21/08/2015  /  by Reviews
New Enterprise Tackle Lupin Beans
Top carper Frank Warwick explains why the new Enterprise Tackle Lupin Beans are so good.
17/08/2015  /  by Enterprise Tackle
The V3 60" Brolly From Cyprinus
Bow down to the lightest, quickest and best priced shelter Cyprinus have ever produced...
13/08/2015  /  by Reviews
The Horton Rig
Lee Wagner explains how to tie the Horton rig which has accounted for many pressured carp.
13/08/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Basia AGS Rods from Daiwa
We take a look at the new Daiwa Basia AGS Rods, the world's lightest carp rod...
10/08/2015  /  by Reviews
Greys AirCurve - Ed Betteridge
Ed Betteridge talks about long range fishing with the Greys AirCurves.
10/08/2015  /  by Greys
Dave Moore on the Prodigy Rod Range
Consultant Dave Moore talks about the Greys Prodigy Range.
10/08/2015  /  by Greys
The Super Stiff Clone Rig
Lee Wagner explains the perfect presentation to use when accurately placing rigs from a boat.
06/08/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Frank Warwick on imitation pellets
Frank Warwick reveals how he uses imitation pellets in his fishing.
04/08/2015  /  by Enterprise Tackle
Effort equals reward
Ian Lewis details his approach when targeting large pressured fish in Swan Valley Fishery.
31/07/2015  /  by Gardner Tackle
Sonik Sports SKS Day Shelter
A closer look at the new SKS Day Shelter which retails for only £99.99.
16/07/2015  /  by Sonik Sports
Mainline's new Liquid Match Additives
John Kneebone heads to White Acres with their new Liquid Match Additives
15/07/2015  /  by Mainline
Sonik SKS Black rods
A closer look at the new SKS Black rods from Sonik Sports...
23/06/2015  /  by Sonik Sports
Martin Ford SK4XTR rods
Martin Ford talks about fishing with the new SK4XTR rods...
23/06/2015  /  by Sonik Sports
Martin Ford SK3XTR Rods
Sonik Sports consultant Martin Ford puts a bend in the new SK3XTR carp rod.
23/06/2015  /  by Sonik Sports
Dean Watson Monthly Blog - May
Bait-Tech's Dean Watson tells us what he got up to in May...
23/06/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
Avid Carp Benchmark Bed
The Avid Carp Benchmark beds set a new standard in comfort.
19/06/2015  /  by Avid
Avid Carp Benchmark X Bed
The Benchmark X offers even greater levels of comfort and space.
19/06/2015  /  by Avid
Trakker Tempest Brolly
Matthew Quibell, takes a detailed look at the Tempest Brolly.
16/06/2015  /  by Trakker
Trakker Tempest Brolly Wrap
Matthew Quibell takes a look at the key features of Tempest Brolly overwrap.
16/06/2015  /  by Trakker
Trakker Bedchair Groundsheet
Jerry Bridger takes a look at the benefits of using the Bedchair Groundsheet.
16/06/2015  /  by Trakker
Trakker CR-42 Landing Net
Jerry Bridger takes an in-depth look at the attractively-priced CR-42 Landing Net.
16/06/2015  /  by Trakker
Trakker Shallow Landing Net Mesh
Jerry Bridger looks at the benefits of using the Trakker Shallow Landing Net Mesh.
16/06/2015  /  by Trakker
Edges Drop Off Inline Plug
A new addition to the Fox Edges range to make your inline lead drop off rig more effective...
11/06/2015  /  by Fox
New Edges Naked Line Tail Rubbers
Fox's new tail rubbers designed for use with naked line and fluorocarbon leaders ...
11/06/2015  /  by Fox
Wychwood MHR Brolly
The Wychwood MHR brolly sets a new benchmark for short session shelters.
11/06/2015  /  by Wychwood
New Fox Supa Brolly MK2 Range
Find out more about the new MK2 range of Supa Brollies...
09/06/2015  /  by Fox
Mark Pitchers on distance fishing
Mark shares some of his very best tips to help you fish effectively at long range...
09/06/2015  /  by Fox
John Bassili Monthly Blog
Bait-Tech's John Bassili tells us what he got up to in April...
04/06/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
Mark Pitchers Challenge Special Rigs
Mark Pitchers reveals more about the rigs he used in the Edges DVD Challenge special...
03/06/2015  /  by Fox
New Edges Kuro S4XS Carp Ready Rigs
Fox's Kuro S4XS Carp Ready Rigs have been upgraded so they feature a host of Edges items...
03/06/2015  /  by Fox
New Edges PVA Bag Rig Kit
Fox's PVA Bag Rigs have undergone a makeover and now feature a host of Edges components!
03/06/2015  /  by Fox
New Edges SSBP Carp Ready Rigs
Fox's SSBP Carp Ready Rigs have been updated and now feature more Edges items.
03/06/2015  /  by Fox
The Cyprinus Magnetix Brolly System
Big on features, low on price: welcome to Cyprinus and the Magnetix 60" Brolly system...
03/06/2015  /  by Reviews
The Cyprinus Wideguy Double Bedchair
The Cyprinus Wideguy: A bedchair - only bigger and cheaper!
03/06/2015  /  by Reviews
Daiwa Tournament 5000ST (Black)
We take a look at the new 'Black Series' 5000ST Tournament reel from Daiwa.
03/06/2015  /  by Reviews
Daiwa Longbow DF Rods
Custom-build with an off-the-shelf price tag - say hello to the Longbow DF rods from Daiwa!
03/06/2015  /  by Reviews
The Cyprinus Magmatex 5 Sleeping Bag
5 Star Living On The Bank: Say hello to the take-anywhere Cyprinus 5 Season Sleeping Bag...
03/06/2015  /  by Reviews
New Royale Classic 2 Man Bivvy
Fox are now offering anglers a larger 2-man version of their Royale Classic Bivvy.
27/05/2015  /  by Fox
Chub Tri-Brid Bivvy
Mark Holmes introduces the Chub Tri-Brid Bivvy.
21/05/2015  /  by Chub
Chub Super Cyfish Bivvy
Ian Gemsom introduces the Chub Super Cyfish Bivvy.
21/05/2015  /  by Chub
Matt Eaton on the AirCurve Rods
Matt Eaton explains why he likes to use heavy rods for short range fishing.
21/05/2015  /  by Greys
JRC Skyliner Throwing Stick
JRC Proteam member, Roy Allen introduces the JRC Skyliner Throwing Stick.
21/05/2015  /  by JRC
JRC Radar C Alarms
JRC ProTeam member, Roy Allen introduces the JRC Radar C Alarms.
21/05/2015  /  by JRC
Ian Chillcott's Top Tips for Spring
Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott reveals some of his best edges to help you catch more carp in spring.
20/05/2015  /  by Fox
Ian Chillcott's Carp Care Tips
Ian 'Chilly' Chillcott reveals some of his very best tips for carp care...
20/05/2015  /  by Fox
Dean Watson Monthly Blog - April
Bait-Tech's Dean Watson tells us what he got up to in April...
13/05/2015  /  by Bait-Tech
The Challenge Part 7 - Harry's Revenge!
Part 7 of The Challenge, Mark Pitchers is tasked with tackling 'Harry's Revenge'.
01/04/2015  /  by Fox
In Session - Tom Maker at Greenacres
We spend 24-hours on the bank with Tom Maker as he tackles Greenacres.
01/04/2015  /  by Fox
The Challenge Part 6 Roll Your Own...
In the first Challenge of 2015, Mark Pitchers visits the Linear Fisheries Complex in Oxford.
25/02/2015  /  by Fox
New Fox Impact Spod
Lewis Porter talks you through all of the unique features of the new Impact Spod.
25/02/2015  /  by Fox
NEW Fox Torque Rods
Steve Spurgeon gives you an overview of the recently launched Torque carp rods.
10/12/2014  /  by Fox
NEW Fox Horizon X Rods
The new Horizon X carp rods really do take performance and aesthetics to the next level!
10/12/2014  /  by Fox
NEW! Fox Marker Sticks
Fox Marker Sticks and how to get the best out of them for ultimate casting accuracy!
10/11/2014  /  by Fox
Sonik Tournos 8000
Forged to perform, the elemental new big pit reel from Sonik delivers on every level.
07/11/2014  /  by Sonik Sports
Expect More!
Your trusted JRC brand, now even better. JRC reveals new look for iconic carp brand.
31/10/2014  /  by JRC
JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy
This compact shelter has a central ´block´ where the 5 ribs and the peak bars are all connected.
31/10/2014  /  by JRC
JRC Stealth X-Lite Bivvy
The compact Stealth X-Lite Bivvy has been created for overnight and short stay sessions.
31/10/2014  /  by JRC
JRC Quad 2G XXL Bivvy
This is the largest member of the Quad 2G family. Its the perfect tent to take on a long stay.
31/10/2014  /  by JRC
JRC Radar C1, C2, C3 Alarms
Ralph Dijk introduces the new JRC Radar C Alarms – designed and manufactured in the EU.
31/10/2014  /  by JRC
The Challenge 5 - Bait Bucket Roulette
Mark Pitchers returns for episode 5 of The Challenge and this time it's at Stanwick Lakes.
30/10/2014  /  by Fox
Euro Carping - The First Step
Kieran Panchal and Harry Law as they travel on their first ever fishing trip to France.
28/10/2014  /  by Taska
Off The Cuff Carping - Rig Concealment
Terry Dempsey, Chris Cox, Milky and the Taska team talk about 'Rig Concealment'.
28/10/2014  /  by Taska
Off The Cuff Carping - To The Core
Terry Dempsey explains how and why to use Anti-Tangle Tubing and Leader materials.
28/10/2014  /  by Taska
Matt Jackson's Roach Pit Session
Matt Jackson talks about his most memorable Roach pit fishing session.
28/10/2014  /  by Chub
Chub Precision Lite Stainless Range
James Temple introduces the Chub Precision Lite Stainless Steel range.
28/10/2014  /  by Chub
Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Range
Chub ProTeam member, Matt Jackson introduces the RS-Plus Bivvy range.
28/10/2014  /  by Chub
Chub Transporter Barrow and Luggage
Mark Holmes introduces the Chub Transporter Barrow and Barrow Bags.
28/10/2014  /  by Chub
Nick Burrage Goes Across The Channel
Gardner Tackle's Nick Burrage takes a trip across the channel and catches some lovely carp.
28/10/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
The Point Doctor 2
In this short video, Lewis Read demonstrates how to get the best from the Point Doctor 2.
28/10/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
Winter Carping On The River Ebro
The session was filmed for the 2014 Edges DVD - what a session it turned out to be.
23/10/2014  /  by Fox
ESP Quiver System
A closer look at the exceptionally practical Quiver System from E-S-P.
01/10/2014  /  by ESP
The Challenge 4: Supermarket Baits
Mark Pitchers' is set the task of catching three carp on baits from a supermarket.
30/09/2014  /  by Fox
ESP Stash Quilted Clothing
The new winter range of Stash waterproofs from E-S-P.
29/09/2014  /  by ESP
Refurb your SP Stones
Save yourself some money and refurb your stones. They'll be good as new. 
26/09/2014  /  by JAG
Top, Middle and Bottom - Calum Kletta
We challenge Calum to catch a fish off the top, mid water on zig's and on the bottom in a day.
24/09/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
The Learning Curve
James Hibbard describes a season on a weedy Lincolnshire sand pit.
23/09/2014  /  by Trakker
How to Tie a 360 Rig
The 360 Rig is one of the most effective presentations ever designed.
22/09/2014  /  by Fox
Urban Banx with Alan Blair
Follow Alan Blair on a carp fishing adventure where he fishes in another urban environment.
19/09/2014  /  by Nash
Wychwood D-ploy
Combining the portability of a brolly with the strength and room of a bivvy.
08/09/2014  /  by Wychwood
Jon McAllister on Lead Choice
Jon reveals what leads he likes to use in different scenarios. A good insight.
05/09/2014  /  by Wychwood
The Never Ending Journey: Part 3
Continue the carp angling journey with beautiful snippets of the great outdoors.
05/09/2014  /  by JAG
Original Thinking...
Wychwood tackle epitomises the modern carp angler, with a tackle range that suits everyone.
03/09/2014  /  by Wychwood
Trakker Sleeping Bags
Sam talks through the new, redesigned AS 365, Layers, and Peachskin Sleeping Bags.
01/09/2014  /  by Trakker
Trakker X-Trail Gravity Barrow
Matt Quibell talks through the features of the new X-trail Gravity Barrow.
01/09/2014  /  by Trakker
Rio Ebro Adventure 2014
A video made in 2014 dedicated to fishing on the mighty River Ebro.
30/08/2014  /  by CC Moore
AVL Carryall Range
An overview of our Carryall Range from the Advanced Versatile Luggage Collection.
29/08/2014  /  by Taska
AVL Sneeka Bag
A video showing the Sneeka Bag from the Advanced Versatile Luggage collection.
29/08/2014  /  by Taska
Chilla Bags & Air Dry Bags
A look at the new Air Dry Bags and Chilla Bags from the AVL Collection.
29/08/2014  /  by Taska
JAG Black: Jason Hayward
Jason Hayward reveals the JAG Black range that's light as a feather and looks stunning.
28/08/2014  /  by JAG
A New PB Over 45lb
Join James Armstrong on a session to remember as he lands the common of his dreams.
28/08/2014  /  by JAG
How to Tie a Heavy Bottom Bait Rig
Check out this step-by-step video for tying a heavy double bottom bait rig.
27/08/2014  /  by Fox
Trakker Safety Barrow Strap
Matt Quibell talks through the features of the new Safety Barrow Strap.
20/08/2014  /  by Trakker
How to Tie the Hinged Pop-Up Rig
Creating the awesome Hinged Stiff Rig, using a semi-stiff boom instead of an ultra stiff one...
18/08/2014  /  by Fox
Tom Oliver on Zigs
We caught up with Tom Oliver, who reveals how to consistently catch carp on zigs.
14/08/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
Nick Burrage on Carp Care
Nick Burrage run's through one of the most important aspect's of our sport, carp care.
12/08/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
Urban Banx 7: Bristol
Alan travels to Bristol to fish alongside Jordan Dicks as they tackle the urban jungle.
01/08/2014  /  by Nash
The Paul Hatton Diary: Part 2
In part 2 of his diary, Gardner Tackle's Paul Hatton returns to Manton's Old lake.
18/07/2014  /  by Gardner Tackle
Recent Captures...
Ed Betteridge talks about a couple of big commons that have recently graced his net.
17/07/2014  /  by Chub
Mark Hutchinson's Long-Range Tip
Mark Hutchinson takes you through one of his favoured presentations: Solid PVA bags!
10/07/2014  /  by Mainline
White Baits: Black Commons
Ed Betteridge who's been nailing a few dark commons on his Milky Toffee set-up.
09/07/2014  /  by Mainline
Hybrid Action with Ed Betteridge
Ed Betteridge just can't give the carp of his Cambridge syndicate enough Hybrid.
02/07/2014  /  by Mainline
High Attract Tactics - Nicholas Holzer
Nicholas reveals High Attract PVA Sticks utilising the High Impact Banoffee boilies.
01/07/2014  /  by Mainline
The Other Side of the Canal
Tommy De Cleen and Erik Hakvoort who travel to 'the other side of the canal' in the UK.
03/06/2014  /  by Taska
Terry's Coming Home!
E-S-P is delighted to announce the return of iconic carp angler Terry Hearn.
07/03/2014  /  by ESP
Urban Banx 6: Euro Banx
Join Alan Blair and Oli Davies in a Urban Banx European special as they head across the channel.
06/02/2014  /  by Nash
NASH 2014 Carp Fishing
A DVD packed full of live action, tips, tackle and most importantly stunning carp.
22/01/2014  /  by Nash
Jon Mac on Boilies
Jon McAllister reveals how he looks at boilies, talking about how shape, size and food value.
07/11/2013  /  by Wychwood
Feedstim, XXX & Salt
A video for CC Moore TV on applying feedstim XP and salt to XXX boilies.
06/11/2013  /  by CC Moore
Boilie Fishing Edge: Matching Liquid
A short video I submitted to the CC Moore TV on a boilie edge - matching liquid.
06/11/2013  /  by CC Moore
Sean Leverett on the Multi-Rig
In this exclusive video for ESP, Sean reveals his take on this exceptional set up.
15/10/2013  /  by ESP
Fishing At Range with Chris Lowe
Chris Lowe explains how you can gain valuable yards with a few small tweaks.
09/10/2013  /  by Avid
Summer Carp with Ian Russell
Ian Russell reveals his top tips for catching more carp during the warmer months.
04/09/2013  /  by Avid
Urban Banx 5: Stratford Upon Avon
Alan travels to Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of playwright William Shakespeare!
16/08/2013  /  by Nash
Top Tips for Summer
Short video by Ian Russell providing some tips for Summer carp fishing.
28/05/2013  /  by Avid
Urban Banx 4: Northlands Park
Alan travels to the spiritual home of Essex, Basildon, where fishes Northlands Park.
23/04/2013  /  by Nash
Daiwa Tour
How Daiwa rods are built, start-to-finish.
10/03/2013  /  by Reviews
The Terminator
Rods tested to their limits at Daiwa.
10/03/2013  /  by Reviews
Trakker Level Lite Bed
In this video, we take a look at the new Level Lite Bed from Trakker
28/02/2013  /  by Reviews
Trakker Retention Sling
John Kneebone's top-picks from a trade show - The Trakker Retention Sling
28/02/2013  /  by Reviews
Trakker Sanctuary Crib
In this video, we take a look at a new unhooking mat from Trakker - The Sanctuary Crib.
28/02/2013  /  by Reviews
Trakker Trident AS
We take a look at the new features of the Trident AS bivvy.
28/02/2013  /  by Reviews
Daiwa Unbox
CARPology un-box Daiwa's brand new Windcast BR 5000LDA reel.
28/02/2013  /  by Reviews
Urban Banx 3: Tidal rivers
Alan tackles yet another challenging urban carp fishing location in Urban Banx 3.
21/02/2013  /  by Nash
Nash S5 Siren Alarm
Jack Brown explains the key features of the new Nash S5 Siren alarm
10/01/2013  /  by Reviews
Magikal PVA
Magikal Micromesh is some of the best on the market, we know because we use it
15/11/2012  /  by Reviews
Muddy Waters
Jack Taylor runs through why Muddy Waters indicators are a cut above the rest
15/11/2012  /  by Reviews
Tips on leads
Nash Tackle's Alan Blair gives his thoughts on leads and why he's so successful
18/10/2012  /  by Reviews
See how Dennis McFetrich goes about improving his bite indication
17/10/2012  /  by In Session
Avid Carpers 2
Avid Carpers 2 is an action-packed angling DVD that's full of hints, tips and tricks.
21/08/2012  /  by Avid
Meet The Academy: Matt Eaton
Matt Eaton, talks about his favourite capture, targets and his essential fishing item.
05/07/2012  /  by Chub
Meet The Academy Manager
Ed Betteridge, talks about his favourite capture and his essential fishing item.
05/07/2012  /  by Chub
Solid PVA Bags Film
On the Great Linford complex using solid PVA bags containing CC Moore baits.
02/07/2012  /  by CC Moore
Urban Banx 2: Rochford Reservoir
Join Alan as he makes his way to Rochford Reservoir to do 24 hours on a tough park lake.
18/05/2011  /  by Nash
Urban Banx 1: Canal Carping
Alan Blair tackling some less than obvious urban locations for catching carp.
23/02/2011  /  by Nash
Chub Outkast Pushed to Destruction
Watch the Chub Outkast Rod being pushed to destruction.
24/08/2010  /  by Chub