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2 ways to make a mega Method mix

The Method has soooo much going for it!

The ‘Method’ has sooooo much going for it but yet so few anglers use it these days. You can use it as a carrier for the most attractive mixes, with minimal fuss, and for a lot less cost when compared to solid PVA bags. The key to The Method isn’t the end tackle arrangement - that’s all pretty straightforward - it’s the mix you use, and here we’ve outlined two mixes: One which you can use almost straightaway and another which needs to be prepared the day before. Here’s how you make them…

What you need for Mix 1:

Dedicated Response Pellets (Activ-8)
Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrups (Activ-8)
Dedicated Base Mix Dumbell Hookers (Activ-8)

1. Pour your Response Pellets into a bait bucket and then pour over boiling water to scald them. Put the lid back on and give the bucket a good shake.

2. Give the bucket a good shake every few minutes and add more water if required (or if you have overdone it, just add more pellet).

3. You will see that the pellets are now starting to turn to paste; to amplify this, get your hands in there and starting mushing the pellets. You can stiffen the paste by adding a few extra pellets.

4. To give the pellets even more kick, add a good glug of the Activ-8 Syrup and then mix again.

5. And finish it all off with a matching flavoured dumbbell hookbait. Simple, but seriously deadly.

What you need for Mix 2:

High Impact Groundbait (Nut Mix)
Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrups (Tiger Nut)
Dedicated Response Pellets
Hi-Visual Mini Pop-Ups (Milky Toffee)

1. Use a round bait bucket over a square one - it’s way easier for mixing. And it’s advised to make it up the night before: All the liquids will absorb better.

2. Add the High Impact mix to the bucket and then slowly start adding water and the Pellet Syrup until you have a consistency that binds but easily breaks apart when you push on it.

3. Leave the mix to stand for 20 or so minutes and then push it through a riddle - this will take out any lumps and put more air into it, resulting in a light, fluffy mix.

4. Now it’s time to add the pellets and sweetcorn.

5. With the hemp, only add this just before you’re about to start fishing, otherwise it can dry out and float - resulting in a swim full of ducks!

6. And finally, keep it covered, otherwise it’ll dry out too much.