CARPology Bait

A mix to catch a fifty!

Here's how to put together the mix that caught Richie Leat a UK 50lber...

As discovered in August's CARPology magazine, Ritchie Leat has caught a brute of a carp - a whopping 54lb 10oz. But that isn’t all… this spring and summer Ritchie’s been on a roll, landing large numbers of big carp from his syndicate venue, so we’ve cracked open his bait bucket to see what he’s Spombing out there. The verdict? It’s a rich, nutty, citrusy smelling concoction, full of attraction and small food items to keep them grubbing around for a long time. Here’s how he puts it together…

The finished mix, all ready to be Spombed out
The outcome of the mix… A UK fifty-pounder

What you need:

Tiger Nut boilies (10 and 15mm)
Complex-T boilies (15mm)
Chilli Hemp
Tiger Nut Pellets (6mm)
Complex-T Pellets (6mm)
Citrus Oil
Tiger Nut Rehydration Liquid

How to prepare the mix

1. Start by adding a kilo of each air-dried Tiger Nut and Complex-T boilies into a bucket.

2. Next, empty one jar of standard hemp and another of chilli hemp over the boilies, and then follow this with two cans of sweetcorn.

3. Now here’s the important bit: leave to sit - DO NOT STIR - for three days.

4. At lake, add the Complex-T and Tiger Nut 4mm Pellets, plus 1kg 10mm Tiger Nut boilies.

5. To really ramp it up, add a good squirt of Citrus Oil and Tiger Nut Rehydration Liquid and then mix well.

6.And lastly, spod out to your spot and then reel them in!