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Adam Penning Bait

Adam Penning's winter bait thoughts

Unlike most, Adam opts to keep using a fishmeal based spod mix...

CARPology: Adam, unlike 99% of carp anglers, you buck the trend and carry on using heavy fishmeals during the winter months, specifically the Krill. What’s your thinking behind this?
Adam Penning: “I should point out that this isn’t something I have done a lot but I tried it last winter in very cold weather on both Sandhurst and Bayeswater with good results. The thinking is simple… wherever possible, I like to fish differently to those around me. As I often articulate: fish the same as everyone else and you will catch the same. Being naturally greedy, I don’t like that approach!”


CARPology: What goes into the mix then and in what quantities would you use?
Adam Penning: “I used this primarily as an oily bag mix. I finely crumb a kilo of Krill, then add a couple of handfuls of the tiny 2.3mm Krill Pellets and Bloodworm Pellets. After this I add Hemp Oil and make sure it is all thoroughly mixed and leave it to absorb for 24hrs. You want enough oil to make it a tiny bit damp but don’t add so much that it clogs.”

CARPology: What hookbaits do you use over this mix?
Adam Penning: “I use either a tiny, trimmed piece of Krill Wafter or a small disc of super spicy, hot Peperami. A single grain of plastic corn is another good option.”

CARPology: So when would you use your sweet, Manilla crumb and condensed milk concoction then?
Adam Penning: “On well stocked lakes where the action is more prolific. If I can expect a lot of bites then that could (not always) equate to using a lot of bait. In that situation, I’d opt for Manilla as it will pass through the fish more quickly. Krill is very rich with an incredibly complex formula and in quantities it will take longer to digest.”

How to put together Adam’s Oily Bag Mix

What you need:

Krill boilies
2.3mm Krill Pellets
2.3mm Bloodworm Pellets
Hemp Oil

1. Firstly, crumb the kilo of Krill boilies. You’ll need a food processor to achieve a really fine crumb, which is what you’re looking to achieve.

2. Now add a couple of handfuls of the two pellets.

3. Add some Hemp Oil and mix thoroughly, ensuring the liquid is even distributed. Now leave it to stand for 24hrs.

4. The end result should be a mix which is slightly damp that binds even pressure.

How to put together his sweet Manilla concoction…

What you need:

Manilla boilies
Manilla 2.3mm Pellets
Cloudy Manilla Liquid
Nestle Condensed Milk

1. Blitz up some Manilla boilies in a food processor to create a really fine crumb.

2. Warm up the Condensed Milk in a saucepan…

3.  …And add some of the Cloudy Manilla Liquid.

4. Mix the liquid with the crumb until it just holds together.

5. Follow this with a small amount of the 2.3mm pellet.

6. Give the whole lot a good mix and then trim down a Manilla pop-up (apple-cored) and add a PVA mesh bag to the hook.

7. Finally, cast out and follow it with a Spombful of the mix.