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Dave Levy Bait

Boost Your Catch Rate The Dave Levy Way!

Dave Levy explains why he’s kicking himself for not having used high-attract liquids sooner…


When it comes to hookbaits, we really are a fussy lot, and for good reason. Having a super-attractive hookbait that stands out visually is important. We also though, want something that smells and attracts carp on more levels, throughout the water column, more so than any other bait, and which will stop carp in their tracks! 


I’ve been using the bait sprays since they came out and was also adding Mainline dips to my hookbaits. When Mainline brought out their bait sprays then, I was keen to try them - and I haven’t been disappointed. I tend to match the sprays to the hookbaits they’re made for, but I’ve also mixed them up to give myself an individual, unique hookbait - for example, Essential IB pop-ups with Chocolate Orange Fizz (which I love). I know the sprays are far more than just a bit of matching flavour, as they have several ingredients that really help your hookbaits work for you.

My mindset of how I use my hookbaits and free offerings has really changed in the last few years. I can’t believe I went so long without using liquids on my bait, as stopping carp in the water column is so important. I love the Cell, like most of the team, but this year I’ve been using some of the newer baits and adding Smart Liquid. The results really do speak for themselves, especially on the low-stock waters I’m fishing. On these lakes, some of the anglers struggle. I know they’re good anglers and that it’s simply down to bait and attractors, and how you use them. 

Using the sprays and liquids is a big edge. The biggest difference they’ve made for me has been during the winter months when the water temperatures are lower. I won’t just spray my hookbaits, I spray all my end tackle! This may seem a bit over the top, but I like to leave as much smell and taste in the area as I can. I’m always looking for that extra edge and I really do believe that I now have this over anglers using other baits.

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