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CARPology Bait

Dave Magalhaes' crispy, attraction-coated pop-ups

This is how you make Dave's ultimate pop-ups...

Hookbaits don’t come much more attraction-packed than these hand-crafted beauts from Dave Mag. Yes, they take time to ‘mature’, as it’s an ongoing process of steaming, applying the powdered mixture, allowing it to stick and dry, and then repeating it again, and again, and again. But the more you build them up, the more ‘eat me’ appeal they’ll have. Here’s how to knock them together…

What you need:

Scopex Squid Pop-Ups
Nashbait Squid Extract
Nashbait Liver Powder

1. Start by lightly steaming your pop-ups over a kettle until there’s moisture over their skin.

2. Now roll them in a 50/50 mix of Squid Extract and Liver Powder.

3. Let them dry and then repeat the process to build up the outer coating. The end result is a super attractive pop-up which kicks off masses and masses of attraction - perfect for this time of year.