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Don't give up on the day too early

Although the prime time during the summer is just before and after daybreak, Laney advises not to reel in too early after those times…


There is nothing quite like summer carp angling. Yes, it may not be as productive as spring or autumn, but it’s warmer and there are always chances to be had. Whether it’s early morning feeding spells, floater fishing during the day, stalking on little pre-baited traps or just chilling out next to a barbeque with a cold beer, you really can’t beat it. In this country we spend so many months of the year waiting for the sun, when it finally comes, I like to spend as much time as possible out in it, preferably fishing. 


I find June and July can be particularly good months, either side of spawning when the fish are a little less cautious and willing to eat a bit of bait. I like nothing better than fishing weedy waters at this time and creating spots by regular baiting, watching as my spots grow and grow as the carp strip back the weed to uncover every last morsel.

Pre-baiting and topping up areas when I leave plays a big part in my summer fishing, using everything from the smallest particles like hemp and corn mixed with lots of ground and chopped boilies and, of course, topped off with a few handfuls of whole baits and coat the lot in Smart Liquid. I definitely find that the mixed sizes of baits have a better effect at keeping spots cleaned off. Not only are the carp feeding on these sorts of baited spots but so are other species and a busy swim is a good swim.

Although the prime time for bites during this period has got to be the hours just before and after daybreak, it doesn’t do to give up too early and go off stalking or mooching about. I have caught countless carp around nine in the morning in the middle of summer, which is way after first light and often quite hot by then. Leaving the rods out for that extra chance is often the difference between success and failure.

I remember in high summer on St Ives Shallow Lagoon I was catching regularly and making video blogs every week. Most of the bites were like clockwork at first light and I managed to actually film a few takes. However, most sessions I would finish off the video with a closing clip mid-morning before packing the camera away, and then appear again a short while later with a last-minute extra fish. It wasn’t just on the odd occasion either and I actually extended my sessions until midday before leaving the lake, just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on that bonus fish. 


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