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Don't forget the paste!

Paste is a true veteran bait classic. It offers more attraction that boilies; can be used in so many different ways; and can be very cheap to produce…

From protecting your hook point to increasing the size of your boilies, paste really does have a lot of advantages that you should be milking. One very simple but incredibly effective trick is to blitz up some tiger nuts, along with a couple of eggs and one or two powders (it’s all detailed below) to create a crunchy paste which just oozes attraction. The other, which is both equally as easy to make and just as effective, but at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, is trout pellet paste. Here’s how you knock both up…

What you need:

Tiger nuts
Tiger Nut Liquid
Multi-bind Trout pellets (3 or 4mm)
Salmon or halibut oil
Food processor

How to put it together:

A. We’ll start with the tiger nut paste… Take a can of tiger and pour the lot into a food blender - including some of that lovely juice which they are cooked in (you can also add in some Tiger Nut Liquid) and then a couple of eggs to help bind it all together.

B. Turn on the blender and cover your ears! Blitz it until you have a nice paste - it’s as easy as that! The longer you leave the blender to do its thing, the smoother the paste will be; it’s a bit like peanut butter really. If you want it to be firmer for long-range fishing, add some Multi-bind.

C. For the trout pellet paste, using your food processor again, blitz up some 3 or 4mm pellets into a very fine powder. If extra kick, add in some salmon fry crumb and mix the two together thoroughly.

D. Break an egg into a bowl, along with some salmon or halibut oil, whisk, and then slowly mix in the dry powder until a firm paste is made. Whilst out fishing, keep the paste in a small zip-lock bag or wrapped in cling film so that it does not dry out.

E. For EVEN more attraction(!), try pushing small 2 or 3mm pellets into the paste to add a crunchy texture.