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Early Summer Can Be As Difficult As Winter

Greg Ellis shares his tips on catching carp during early summer


In my personal experience, early summer angling can be really frustrating and almost as difficult as winter angling. I say frustrating due to the fact of locating them is fairly easy on a lot of waters, but trying to get them to feed can be a whole different ball game. Carp can become more localised in areas due to weedbeds, lily pads and the like. These act like magnets for the warmer months and unlike the spring, the big winds don’t always play a part in where the carp will or should turn up. This can also make certain busier waters a lot more peg orientated and trying to get in the pegs that command the water for magnetic weedbeds can become an almost impossible mission.

I like to base my early summer angling on a more opportunist approach and I try to find areas that are likely to do me bites, but I don’t plan to stick around for long—maybe a floater or a small baited edge spot might be all it takes. Although, areas of open water and a small amount of Cell boilie will be the plan of attack during the hours of darkness.


Carp can be so uninterested at this time of the year and although some lakes will respond well to bait, some lakes won’t. I don’t start my heavy baiting campaigns until August time, once the carp have spawned; this is when I really get the bulk of my angling done and my captures throughout the year will mainly be between August and November once I’ve established an area and regularly fed it. 

In short, being a weekend angler on busy venues, I can’t really compete with the other anglers all gunning for the popular swims, so I take the more mobile, opportunist approach and I try to pick fish off when I can, almost like my spring fishing. That said, sometimes I get lucky and I manage to get in a going swim with access to weedbeds, and the little baiting approach always does me well. Less can sometimes mean more in this game.


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