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Get Up and Find the Carp!

Jon goes through how stalking carp can be the biggest edge in summer!


During the warmer months of the year, at any point of the day, you’ll find a carp feeding or you’ll find a chance to get a carp feeding. Some people would disagree with that, but all I can say to that is tough! Get up and find the carp! I’ve often sat in my bivvy shading from the sun wishing the evening to arrive so I’ll have a chance of a carp or two. What the heck am I thinking? Go and find the carp, bait a few marginal shady spots, surface fish, try a Zig—we have numerous ways to catch carp during the warmer, sunnier days, so don’t sit and wait for the carp to come to you when you can go to the carp. 

Summertime stalking is one of my favourite things to do. Searching around the lake looking for that one chance that will ultimately bring you an extra carp; one extra carp other anglers aren’t even going to see let alone get out of their bivvys to try and catch. 


Carp close in are much more alert to noise, movement, rig presentation and bait. Choosing the correct rig is down to you, but bait in my opinion needs to be right. That’s why I try to use two things when stalking in the edge: pellets and tiger nuts. Combining whole and crushed Power+ Particle TigMix with Response Pellets can get any carp feeding. Presenting a small, chipped tiger nut over the top with a short fluorocarbon rig you’re on to a winner every time. 

So just remember the next time you’re sitting in your bivvy wishing the day away, just think for a second and remember what I have said. Get up and find the carp—there’s a chance somewhere right now!


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