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Give your boilies the heat treatment

This neat trick makes your boilies even more attractive...

In years gone by, heating up your trout pellets with warm water was “the edge”. The heat from the boiling water helped release all the oil that was contained within the pellet, which meant it was kicking out attraction from the moment it hit the lake’s surface. This neat trick does the same with your boiled food - but actually makes them even more attractive thanks to using both oil and powdered additives. Here’s how you do it…

What you need:

Pacific Tuna boilies
Pacific Tuna Wafters
Tuna L030
Feedstim XP Powder

1. Start by adding your chosen boilies to a bait bucket - in this scenario we’re using CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna - a prime big fish bait for this time of year.

2. Add warm water until the baits are covered and allow them to soak for 20 minutes before draining off the excess.

3. To marry up and truly enhance the boilies, we’re using Tuna L030, but you can use whatever liquid you fancy. Give the baits a good dose of the liquid, ensuring they are all covered.

4. Now it’s time to reeeeally rev them up! Take a tub of the Feedstim XP Powder and give the boilies a good dusting.

5. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed everything together, you will be left with super attractive tuna baits!

6. To spice up the matching wafters, give them a glug of the L030 and a dusting of the Feedstim and then mesh them up using either Fox’s Arma Mesh or some old tights.