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How to create off-the-scale attraction

Here's one from the CARPology archives!

We were first shown this way back in 2008, during an in-session type feature with Nigel Sharp and Ben Hamilton. Back then, Ben’s spring tactic was this attraction-loaded set-up, which involved a PVA bag of crushed boilies, a paste-wrapped hookbait, AND(!) his lead was also wrapped in the same matching paste! If you’re looking for off-the-scale attraction this spring, then give this a try…

What you need:

Dynamite Baits’ Tuff Paste
PVA mesh

1. First, crush up your chosen boilies (by hand or with a Krusha) into a fine(ish) powder, make up a PVA bag and then tie it to your leader.

2. Take some of the Tuff Paste, wrap a fine layer around your hookbait and then attach your hook to the side of the mesh bag.

3. Finally, take a good lump of the paste and wrap it around the lead. Because this paste is much stiffer and firmer, it’ll grip to the lead better and won’t come off on impact with the water.