Latest Issue July 2021
CARPology Bait

How to make a mega maggot/fluoro combo

A sure-fire winter winner...

Zigs for spring; particles for summer; boiled food for autumn - and for winter it’s all about maggots and hi-viz hookbaits, so this combo detailed here is off-the-scale when it comes to attraction! And although both are already incredibly appealing to the carp, in this OlogyFix we’ll show you how to make them even more attractive. Here’s how you put together a sure-fire winter winner…

What you need:

Northern Special 12mm White Pop-Ups
Northern Special Booster Liquid
CC Moore Fructose Concentrate

1. Put together a conventional helicopter set-up, but use an in-line lead and secure with a flexi-ring swivel - you’ll tie the mesh bag to this ring.

2. The hookbait will be tied D rig style, so start by threading six to eight maggots onto a piece of dental floss.

3. Tie two Overhand knots to bring the maggots into a ball.

4. Now thread on a 12mm CC Moore Northern Special hookbait and tie the floss onto the D.

5. To give your maggots an extra ‘kick’, dust them with the Fructose Concentrate and then tie up a mesh PVA bag.

6. Leave a long ‘tag end’ and tie this onto the flexi-ring swivel which is coming out of the end of your lead.

7. Nick your hook into the end of the bag and then give the hookbait a good squirt of the Northern Special Booster Liquid just prior to casting out.

8. Get ready to start hauling!