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How to make colour and flavour packed PVA bags

Just enough to entice...

These mini, super-packed, brimming with attraction solid PVA bags are a little like fishing single, bright pop-ups, except these contain scent, oil and a parcel of attraction – just enough to entice them to the hookbait. They aren’t just any old solid bags containing pellets… They are spiced up to enhance the attraction two-fold, again just like dosing up a single hookbait, but with even more oomph. Here’s how to tie a serious winter tactic winner…

What you need:

Essential Cell boilies
Spod & Bag PVA Pellet Mix
Active Ade Particle & Pellet Syrups (Essential IB)
Hi-Visual Mini Pop-Ups (Fruit-Tella)

1. Start by blitzing your Essential Cell boilies into a fine crumb using a food processor.

2. First fill the bottom layer with the Spod & Bag PVA Pellet Mix.

3. Now place your hookbait and lead inside (nick the hook through the side of the bag) and then add the boilie crumb.

4. With the bag three-quarters full, ensure the lead is sitting on the opposite side to the side the hook is nicked through and then twist the PVA and tie it off with some tape.

5. To ensure that the bag is completely aerodynamic, fold the corners in and then trim the top of the bag where it’s tied off just to keep things tidy.

6. Using a dead bait syringe, suck up your chosen liquid (Essential IB is lush!) and then poke the needle into the bag and inject. It will fill up full of goodness!

7. And here’s the finished bag: Small, tight and packed full of attraction!

OlogyFix Tip
In the summer months, opt for a liquid like salmon oil or Fosil