Latest Issue August 2021
CARPology Bait

How to make high attract pop-ups

A seasonal classic!

These pop-ups will work very well throughout the year and in a number of fishing situations, but it is during the colder months where tactics such as single hookbait fishing comes to the fore – and your reliance on a small amount of bait but a mass of attraction is at its highest.

As you’ll see, we’ve chosen some classic high-attract fruit flavours with a yellow colour, but there’s nothing to say you couldn’t go for a fish or spice-based combo. What’s more, we’ve also rolled the paste into both round and dumbbell-shaped baits which gives you another hookbait option.

The Recipe

Production time
Approximately 90 minutes.

1ml Hydra Sweet, 2ml Peach Ade, 3ml Pineapple Juice, 5ml Pear & Banana, Polaris Pop-Up Mix and one egg.

Mixing bowl, measuring syringe or pipette, fork, spoon(s), saucepan or strainer, plastic bag, bait gun, rolling table(s) and towel or air-dry tray.

Ready-to-use in…
24hrs air-drying – preferably five to seven days.

STEP 1 Crack the egg into the mixing bowl and add the liquid flavour levels listed in the recipe section below.

STEP 2 Add a heaped teaspoon of yellow Tru Colours yellow bait dye to the liquid flavours and egg next.

STEP 3 It’s important to lightly whisk the flavours, egg and dye together at this point for evenly coloured baits.

STEP 4 Add the Polaris Mix a little at a time – mixing with a fork then by hand to slowly build-up the paste.

STEP 5 The consistency should be where the paste no longer sticks to your hands and the texture is firm yet pliable.

STEP 6 Add the paste to the bait gun and squeeze out one or two sausages across the rolling table like this.

STEP 7 Locate the top of the rolling table and steadily slide forwards and backwards to roll the paste into round baits.

STEP 8 Bring some water to a vigorous boil, add around twenty pop-ups at a time and boil for two-minutes.

STEP 9 Once the boiling process is complete, air-dry the pop-ups on a towel or wire tray for at least 24hrs.