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How to make Myles Gibson's spod mix

When it comes to carp food, Myles likes to make it as small and bitty as possible...

Myles Gibson doesn’t really need an introduction… He’s caught some of the UK’s finest, from some of the hardest waters in the land. He walks onto a tricky lake and makes it almost seem easy. Of course his work-rate is mind-blowing and his attention to detail impeccable - and whilst we can’t teach you those traits, we can reveal his spod mix. Myles’s approach towards bait is to “use the best” and them make it as small as possible… “10 whole boilies can be turned into 100 pieces, which doesn’t just create more attraction in the water, but it keeps the fish digging and feeding for a much longer time,” he tells us. Myles also likes to add a liquid glaze to his completed mix. This will seep into the lakebed, so even if the birds have trashed his spot, there’ll still be some scent in the area. As with most of these ‘pros mixes’, it looks pretty simple and straightforward - and it is - it’s just about making the most of the ingredients used, and here’s how you knock it up…

What you need:

Krill boilies
2.3mm Bloodworm Pellets
4mm Bloodworm Pellets
Krill Clusters
Aqua Amino

How to make it

1. Start off by crushing a couple of handfuls of Krill boilies between your fingers. This will create a variety of sizes, from half boilies right down to just crumb.

2. Next add a handful of all the other ingredients and give it all a good mix.

3.Finally, give the mix a light glaze of the Amino Liquid and there you have it. For a hookbait, Myles likes to fish one of his home-made 11mm pop-ups over the top.

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