Latest Issue July 2021
CARPology Bait

How to make paste cubed coldwater hookbaits

An old school paste trick...

These cubed hookbaits offer a number of advantages over standard hookbaits. 1: thanks to their softer nature, they are much more soluble, so kick out a tonne more attraction. And 2: because you’re carving up a block of paste, you can create a variety of different shapes and sizes, from squares and rectangles to corn-shaped discs. To complete the package, loose feed balls of matching paste and attach a small PVA mesh bag of crumbed boilie to the hook prior to casting out.

What you need:

Live System Paste
Live System Glug

1. You need to boil a large block of paste; this will take up to five minutes. First wrap it in cling film.

2. Once it’s boiled, remove the cling film and allow the block of paste to dry out on a towel. Then cut it into different sized chunks.

3. To add some of the attraction which will have been lost during the boiling process back into the bait, soak all the cubed hookbaits in some of the matching glug.