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Adam Penning Bait

How to make Penners' super sweet maggot mix

Adam Penning's winter spod mix...

Adam’s winter spod mix (he also uses it as his bag mix) consists of red maggots, crumbed Manilla boilies, Cloudy Manilla Liquid and two secret liquids… Condensed Milk and Bailey’s. The latter is a wonderful, creamy liqueur that will add a beautiful taste to the mix and compliments the aroma of the Manilla wonderfully. I always heat all three liquids up slightly in a pan before I add them to the Manilla crumb. 

This simple, yet very appealing concoction can either be used as spod mix or in a PVA bag because it doesn’t contain any water. I always keep my bags nice and small but leave a long fuse at the end. I then nick my hook point through the top of the fuse, well away from the knot. I will wrap the fuse around the back of the shank before nicking it back onto the point. This will trap the Hair in place and prevent it from tangling on the cast.