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How to make Penners' Winter Stick & Spod Mix

With Adam Penning's winter track-record being so darn impressive, this is not a mix to ignore...

Adam Penning’s winter track-record is pretty darn impressive - and that success comes from a combination of decades’ of carp fishing experience; his willingness and level of effort; and his bait knowledge. Whilst we can’t help you out with parts one and two, we can point you in the direction of his go-to winter Stick and spod mix. It’s simple to make, bangs out a tonne of attraction (it smells sooooo good) and will still work even when it’s truly nut-crushingly cold. Here’s how you knock it up…

What you need:

Manilla boilies in 12 or 16mm
Manilla 2.3mm Pellets
Cloudy Manilla Liquid
Nestle Condensed Milk
Manilla pop-up
Food processor/Krusha

1. Blitz up your Manilla boilies in a food processor or Krusha until you’re left with a very fine crumb.

2. Warm up the Condensed Milk in a saucepan…

3. …And add some of the Cloudy Manilla Liquid.

4. Mix the liquid with the crumb until it just holds together.

5. Follow this with a small amount of the 2.3mm pellet.

6. Give the whole lot a good mix and then trim down a Manilla pop-up (apple-cored) and add a PVA mesh bag to the hook.

7. Finally, cast out and follow it with a Spombful of the mix.

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