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How to make previously unfishable hookbaits

It's easier than you think!

Arma-Mesh: a non-dissolving mesh from Fox has revolutionised what we can now use as a hookbait. Where previously we couldn’t use bread, tuna or tiny 2mm pellets on the hook/Hair for any length of time, with Armour Mesh you can. And thanks to the way it holds the bait, it means it can’t ever come off on the cast - so whether you’re fishing at 2yds or 180yds, you can present a hookbait. Here’s now you use it…

What you need:

A range of alternative hookbaits: tuna, anchovies, crab sticks, pellets, hemp, bread - the options are endless really!
Fox Arma Mesh
Mainline Toppers

Pulling together an alternative hookbait

1. Clever trick alert: to ensure the end knot is on the inside, push the mesh back down the funnel.

2. Now tie a standard Overhand Knot and pull the mesh back through. See, it’s on the inside!

3. Next take your chosen food item - blitzed bread, tuna, crab stick, hemp… It’s endless!

4. Using the compressor, push the food package out - the same as you would a PVA bag.

5. The trick is to get the bag as tight as possible, so take your time when tying.

6. Cut the end and it’s job done.

Attachment edge

To ensure the meshed hookbait doesn’t pull off the Hair, use one of Mainline’s Toppers. They come in a range of colours and flavours and prove a larger surface area for your Hair stop to sit; this will ensure the mesh hookbait can’t rip off the Hair on the cast.