Latest Issue July 2021
CARPology Bait

How to make the 'Brick'

A tactic that has not been employed for a long time...

It’s very easy to forget the past when you’re always looking to the future for the next big (and new) thing. Many of the tips and tactics from yesteryear can provide a modern-day edge, simply because they have not been employed for so long. ‘The Brick’ is one very good example of that.

The process of forming The Brick is similar to that of making boilies, only on a different scale. Instead, a larger piece of boilie paste is formed into a brick-like shape and boiled, giving a variety of taste, texture and attraction levels throughout the cross-section and offering you a mass of presentation possibilities and applications. Here’s how you make it…

What you need:

Base mix (we’re using Urban Bait’s Nutcracker)
Liquid attractors (Nutcracker in this case)
Mixing bowl
Cling film

1. Break three eggs into a mixing bowl and add your flavours/liquids.

2. The dry ingredients go in next.

3. Slowly build up what will be a pliable paste – mixing with a fork and then by hand. The finished paste shouldn’t be too wet and sticky, but also not too dry and crumbly.

4. Form a couple of compact ‘bricks’ and wrap in cling film.

5. Boil vigorously for ten minutes.

6. Once boiled, remove the bricks from the water, remove the cling film and place on a towel to dry.

6. The finished brick(s) will regain colour and harden on the outside but retain a softer inner texture. Cut up into squares and soak.