CARPology Bait

How to make the perfect 'bit fishing' mix

‘Bit fishing’ isn’t about emptying a lake; it’s about catching a carp as quickly as possible...

‘Bit fishing’ isn’t about emptying a lake; it’s about catching a carp as quickly as possible. When fishing heavily pressured waters - i.e. day ticket venues - where many tactics are tried and lots of bait is used, putting in high volumes of bait can be counteractive. In this scenario, a high-attract Stick bag will deliver a very small food package which won’t fill the fish up but is uber attractive to pull them down to the spot and hopefully suck in that mouthful of mix along with the hookbait. And because you’re putting out such a small amount of bait, you need it to be punchy, and this mix is most definitely that… In fact, you need to let it ferment for 48hrs before you use it!

What you need:

Crayfish Mini Mix
Secret 7 boilies
Secret 7 Pellets
Evo Bottom Bait Kit (Secret 7)

1. First in: a good helping of Crayfish Mini Mix.

2. Using a food processor, blend up some really oily trout pellets to a fine crumb.

3. And while the food processor’s out, blitz up some Secret 7 boilies. Add these, along with a few handfuls of Secret 7 Pellets, to a bag.

4. To give the mix a real fishy tone, add some Krill Powder.

5. Now seal the bag and shake well, mixing the contents thoroughly.

6. Pour in a good helping of DNA’s Beta Stim. This stuff is INCREDIBLE!

7. After stirring in the liquid you should be left with an unusable slurry type mix.

8. Seal the bag and leave for 48hrs; all those powders will absorb the liquid and you’ll be left with the perfect consistency to make Stick bags with incredible pulling power!