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How to make the up above spod mix

An upper layers spod mix...

This is perfect for when you need to stimulate the fish into feeding! This OlogyFix is focused around an upper layers type of spod mix: cloudy with lots of particles. It’s dead simple to make but it allows you to fish in the upper layers or on the lakebed, so potentially a mix of rig tactics. Here’s how you put it together…

What you need:

CC Moore Instant Spod Mix
Liquid Sweetcorn
NS Bait Booster

1. Start by adding the Instant Spod Mix (we’re using the Sweet Nut Cloud version) to a large bait bucket.

2. Now just add water… And keep adding it! Once the mix has reached a sloppy consistancy, you’re there.

3. Add half a bottle of each: the Liquid Sweetcorn and NS Bait Booster. The latter creates a cloud while the sweetcorn creates suspended particles.

4. Hookbait-wise, fake corn would be a good shout or a yellow Zig-Aligna up in the water. For the purpose of the shots (so it stands out) we’ve used an apple-cored red pop-up.