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How to make two-tone special Snowman hookbaits

Create perfectly balanced hookers...

Snowman hookbaits are an extremely effective way of fishing over a bed of boilies. The overall presentation becomes more balanced, so the speed and mechanics of the rig are improved. They also help ‘lay out’ your rig, meaning it’s more effective and will reset itself should you get ‘done’. In this OlogyFix we’re going to show you not only how to create perfect balanced hookers, but ones which are two-tone coloured too! Here’s how you do it…

What you need:

Cell Dedicated Base Mix
Polaris Pop-Up Mix
Tru Colour White (1 tsp)
10ml Cell Activator
3ml White Chocolate
3ml Milky Toffee
3ml Sweet Ade
Two eggs

1. Crack one of the eggs into the mixing bowl, followed by 10ml of Cell Activator and 3ml of White Chocolate flavour.

2. Add Cell base mix a little at a time to form a pliable paste and then place in a plastic bag and put to one side.

3. Add the second egg into the mixing bowl, along with 3ml of Milky Toffee and Sweet Ade this time, two teaspoons of White Tru Colour bait dye and the Polaris Pop-Up Mix.

4. Take a pinch of the white pop-up paste (one part) and a larger pinch of the Cell paste (three parts), stick the two pieces of paste together and roll between the palms of your hands into round baits.

5. Boil the baits for two minutes and then air-dry for 24hrs, (ideally for several days) before storing.