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How to make washed out swirly fluoros

These are a MASSIVE edge!

Hand-rolling any style of hookbait is an edge in itself. But these special swirly hookers are a MASSIVE edge! They are perhaps best described as a ‘chameleon’ style pop-up hookbait, as its appearance covers two great ways at fooling edgy carp: (a) the ‘washed-out’ safe bait characteristics coupled with (b) flecks of bright visually stimulating colour. The result is a unique, high-attract pop-up customised by your flavour choice that’s perfect for everything from single hookbait tactics to a heavy baiting or PVA bag approach.

What you need:

Polaris Pop-Up Mix
Ľ tsp. Tru Colour White
Ľ tsp. Tru Colour Red
1ml Scopex
3ml Cherry Juice
1ml Sweet Ade
5ml Multi-Stim
One egg

1. Crack the egg into the mixing bowl, followed by your flavours and whisk them all together.

2. Split the liquid into two and keep one half for later.

3. Add the red bait dye next, and for the ‘washed-out’ appearance only use around Ľ of a tsp.

4. Add the Polaris Mix, mixing with a fork first and then by hand. Once the paste no longer sticks to your hands and the texture is firm yet pliable, wrap in cling film or put inside a plastic bag.

5. Make another ball of paste using the remaining liquid but with white dye this time. Wrap in cling film again and leave to stand for ten minutes.

6. Next roll each colour paste into three sausages. Alternate the different colours and stick together to form one larger sausage – giving it a little twist before loading into the bait gun and rolling on the table.

7. Boil 20 baits at a time for around two minutes & then leave to stand & dry on some kitchen towel.

9. Air-dry for several days before storing. A few drops of flavour with 5ml Multi-Stim will then make a great soak.