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How to turbocharge your tigers

Tigers have so many advantages...

Tigers have so many advantages: They’re tough, which means (a) they crunch when a carp feeds on them and (b) they can withstand the attentions of birdlife so you can leave your hookbait in situ for a long time; they’re sweet, which means they’re hugely attractive to carp; plus you don’t need to use loads so they’re cost-effective. And whilst a “standard” tiger is deadly enough in its own right, this little edge from CC Moore’s Dean Watson puts them on a whole different level. Here’s how you do it…

What you need:

CC Moore Tiger Nuts
CC Moore Response+ Cream Liquid
Baiting needle
1mm bait drill
Hookbait tub

1. First off, pick out 15 to 20 tiger nuts which look ideal for hookbaits.

2. Take your baiting needle and pass it lengthways through a tiger.

3. Using your 1mm bait drill, slowly drill into the tiger, boring halfway into the nut. You want to make around 10 to 12 holes all over the bait.

4. You need to use the bait drill over a baiting needle as the drill will actually extract from the nut, leaving you with loads of mini holes for the liquid to soak into.

5. Repeat this process on all your tiger nut hookbaits and then place them into a small tub.

6. Add a good helping of CC Moore’s Response+ Cream Liquid; this will then soak into all those lovely chambers you’ve created.