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CARPology Bait

Looking for an alternative bag/Method mix?

We have just the solution...

Bag and Method mixes are predictable… A mixture of different sized pellets, some dry mix, and, if we’re feeling adventurous, a squirt of PVA-friendly liquid. However, this month our eye has caught something a little different for those that want an alternative to those run-of-the-mill mixes. They’re called Method Ready Pellets and come from Spotted Fin. These are ready prepared micro pellets which have been loaded with flavour (there’s three in the range: Classic Corn [a flavour developed with Frank Warwick], Sweet Meat and Catalyst) and have been prepared to the perfect consistency. Not only do they hold to a Method feeder superbly, but they can also go into solid bags or be squeezed around a lead. Here is our OlogyFix on how to get the best from them…

What you need:

Spotted Fin’s Method Ready Pellets
Method feeders and/or solid PVA bags

1. Pick your preferred flavour and attach one of the free wafter hookbaits to your rig (these balance perfectly).

2. We’re using a Method mould to load up our feeder, so add the pellets and then position the feeder into the mould and push down hard. The result will be a perfectly loaded feeder.

3. To give the pellets even more oomph, we’re injecting them with some of the brand’s new Pink Pepper Squid liquid.

4. Here’s how it looks underwater… The liquid starts oozing out instantly and then pellets slowly fall apart, releasing more and more attraction into the water column.

5. As we mentioned earlier, these pellets can also be used in solid PVA bags, but this time, because the liquid is held inside the bag until it melts, we’ve really loaded it up with the Pink Pepper Squid liquid. The outcome is nothing short of sensational! The picture sequence is over a course of a few minutes… From the bag hitting the lakebed to the swim being full of attraction!