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Loz East Bait


It’s taking the ‘washing-out’ bait treatment trick to a whole new level…

Mix breakdown
Cell boilies
Cell Stick Mix Liquid
High Impact Cell Groundbait

How to create Loz’s ‘Soft - But Crunchy - Boilies’

1. Place your boilies into a bait bucket and cover with mineral water. Ideally you’d do this the night before you start fishing; if you don’t have that time available, then try and leave the baits to soak for at least 2hrs.

2. After the baits have soaked, pour off any excess water and then give them a liberal coating of the matching Stick Mix Liquid. This not only boosts the attraction of the baits, but it also makes them sticky and tacky for the next step.

3. Next, throw in some of the High Impact Groundbait and mix well before leaving the baits to dry so the groundbait really sticks to the sides of the boilies, meaning the groundbait doesn’t disperse until the boilies have reached the lakebed.

4. And one final tip: whilst we’ve used all the same flavour components here - Cell - you can, of course, use three totally different ones, such as The Link boilies, Activ-8 Stick Mix Liquid and Hemp High Impact Groundbait, for example. 

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