CARPology Bait

Mark Pitchers' Washed-Out Soft Live System Baits

Mark Pitchers has always been a massive fan of soft baits...

Bottled, not tap

“I soak the boilies in bottled water, condensed milk and Amino Blend 365, ideally 48hrs before use. I use bottled water instead of tap water because I don’t like the thought of the bait being tainted with chlorine or fluoride. And what bait I don’t use I will refreeze and use on another session. So, unless I am fishing the same lake week in, week out, I won’t use lake water, because of the risk of any cross contamination from lake-to-lake.”

Going off

“People have concerns about the milk going off, which it will do after several days in the summer, so in the warmer months I’ll drain the liquid off and just keep the bait in zip-lock bags in a cool bag with ice packs. In winter I’ll just keep the bait in a bucket with the liquid during the session.”

Spodding out

“To turn this into a ‘spod mix’ as such, I just mash the baits up and add some Meggablend Sweet to it - the result is sensational.”

Hookbait choice

“During the winter months I’ll fish bright hookbaits over the top. For the rest of the time I’ll fish a matching hookbait, which can be wrapped in Arma Mesh as the bait will be very soft.”

What you need

Live System boilies
Bottled water
Condensed milk
Amino Blend 365

1. Add your Live System boilies to a bait bucket. If he has time, Mark likes to air-dry the boilies first to remove all the moisture; by doing this they then act like a sponge and will soak up any liquid very quickly.

2. Pour in enough bottled water so the baits are just covered, and then add a good helping of the Amino Blend 365 liquid and a can of condensed milk.

3. Place a lid on the bucket and then leave the boilies to soak for 48hrs. The end result will be a super soft, cream-filled boilies which smell and taste divine. Get on it!