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Playing Around With Zigs And Floaters

Big fish can often come to floater tactics, Chris Cox explains how...


As spring turns to summer the carp will only have one thing on their minds, and that in general will be spawning. At this time, they can be really tricky whilst they bask in the sun waiting for the perfect water temperature to start their procreation ritual. I like to pay particular attention to fishing in the upper-layers on Zigs and on the surface with floaters during this time. Zigs are a killer method all year around and on those warm summer evenings, just as the sun starts to go down after battering our backs all day, it can provide the best time for a bite. 

Mainline Supa Sweet Ziggers soaked in the Sweet Zig Liquid or as an alternative a dab of Marmite can trigger an inquisitive response from a carp that may not be all that hungry. Anything from an inch under the surface to a few feet down can be the hot zone for a bite. I remember catching the fish below on a very humid night with carp all over my swim; I kept tweaking the Zig hookbait from three-feet under to just under the surface and after a couple of hours of constant adjustment, bang! the rod was away and an upper-thirty mirror was in the net.


However, if the carp are swimming around with their backs clean out of the drink, then you will not go far wrong with a pouch of ‘pulted floaters. If the surface layer has a slight breeze, soak your floaters in some Mainline Fossoil—this not only gives the baits that extra bit of attraction but the oil will flatten the surface, allowing you to get better line presentation and allow you to spot your hookbait easier amongst the freebies. 

I tend to find around the summer months the carp love the margins too, and a carefully placed hookbait in the edge will tend to always provide a chance of some much sought-after action. Venue rules permitting, I would almost always opt for a nut approach. A balanced tiger nut hookbait amongst a handful of crushed Cell boilies and tigers is an absolute winner. 


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