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Tom Foreman Bait

The single approach with cultured hookbaits

A winning combo: The Slip D Rig and Cultured Hookbaits

TOM FORMAN IS A MASSIVE LOVER of the Slip D Rig. That combination of the Twister Long Shank and oversized flexible ‘D’ creates a real mouthful which the carp simply cannot deal with. To further enhance this rig, Tom uses one of the Cultured Hookbaits. Not only does this two-layered hookbait system kick out masses of attraction, but thanks to a neat little trick Tom uses, it sits perfectly - and securely - ready for action. Here’s how you put it together…

What you need:
Coated hooklink material
Twister Long Shank hooks (size 6)
Shrink tubing
Baits screws
Nashbait Cultured Hookbaits

Step 1
Start by taking 12-inches of coated hookbait material and strip away three-inches of the coating.


Step 2
Double over the uncoated section, thread on a Bait Screw and then pass the hook point through the loop.

Step 3
Pass both tag ends through the back of the eye, set the ‘D’ in line with the barb, then tie a Knotless Knot with the longest tag end and then trim the shortest one.


Step 4
Add a short length of shrink tubing and steam down.


Step 5
Take one of your Cultured Hookbaits and remove a small section of the outer skin to expose the core; you can now drill the Bait Screw so it sits tight in the core.

Step 6
Now mould the removed outer layer back over the hookbait.

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