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How to break the mould

Are you stuck in a regular venue rutt? Then try these alternatives...

If you always use PVA mesh bags, then try boilie stringers

A pile of pellets is predictable – a small group of boilies isn’t. You can use PVA tape, but a better option is to use a boilie funnel web. Place three boilies into the tube, tie off super tight so they ping out once it’s melted.

If you always use solid bags, then try the Method feeder

Although a solid PVA bag filled with pellets and crushed boilies offers the ultimate in presentation, it’s something the carp see day-in, day-out. With the Method feeder you can incorporate active mixes, such as Solar’s Up&Down Mix.

If you always fish tight beds of particles, then try a wide bed of boilies

Not only is this a far easier way of fishing, it also creates far less disturbance with just the sound of boilies hitting the water’s surface compared to a spod. This style also gets the fish moving around, making them easier to hook.

If you always brightly tip your hookbaits, then try a black tipped hookbait

There’s no denying that adding a flash of colour to your hookbait is a brilliant trick. However, on pressured lakes (which lake isn’t pressured these days?), it’s well worth doing the opposite and tipping your hookbait with a piece of Enterprise black fake corn.

If you always use pellets, then try old particles

Pellets are the staple diet of all lakes and bait bags these days, but when did you last use chick peas, brazil nuts, buck wheat, maples or groats? Exactly – and you’re not the only one. They’re cheaper and will be more effective.

If you always fish on gravel, then try fishing in silt

Go to any venue and 90% of the anglers you watch feature finding will pop the float up as soon as they feel that telltale ‘tap, tap, tap’ of gravel. Fish the silt because (a) no one does; (b) it hides your end tackle; (c) it’s full of natural food.

If you always use light leads, then try heavy leads

Or vice versa. Carp learn from association, so if they’re used to picking up rigs with a 3oz lead attached (the UK’s most popular size), then they soon learn how to deal with it. Go small (1oz) or large (5oz) and it’ll throw them.

If you always fish from swim 1, then try going from swim 4

We have of course made up those swim numbers, but the point we’re making is, if you can fish the same spot/zone from a different swim, then try it. A different line angle to your spot/zone can turn your season around.

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