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CARPology shows you how to unhook a carp safely and correctly


Undoubtedly a lot of mouth damage can be caused during the unhooking process with a barbed hook if done carelessly. Obviously playing them correctly is essential too, but the way in which you remove the hook can make a big difference to whether any damage is caused. It always goes without saying that each hook hold should be treated with some form of carp care product.

3 Must-have Unhooking Tools

Carp care kit
This stuff should be as important to you as your actual rods and reels. It’s a must-have product. There are various versions available, all designed to do a similar job. 

A decent set of forceps will make removing a well-embedded hook so much easier. You want to go for the short arm versions, as these provide much more control. 

A pair of pliers is essential; a must-have. Should you be in the unfortunate position where the hook has gone through the skin and then come back out, you need to snip the hook point off. 

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