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Team England Squad Announced for FIPS Ed XX World Championships

The starting-line up has been announced...

The Carp Fishing World Championships is now just four weekends away and Carp Team England Manager Rob Hughes today announced the starting line-up for the squad that hopes to bring a medal back to England’s shores.

England are taking a smaller tighter squad than usual this year but the team is on form and well up for the challenge. The three starting pairings are :- long standing England team members Billy Flowers and Jamie Londers with Jamie taking on the role of Team Captain. Harry Charrington and Karl Pitcher make up the second pairing and the in-form Wayne Mansford and Ryan Need the third. Sub will be Neil Rivers and Assistant Manager Graham Mabey. Logistical support and back up will be provided by Terry Smith of Euro Carp Tours.

This will be the 20th FIPS Ed World Championships and will be held on the Lake Sava rowing course in Belgrade, Serbia from the 3-6th October. Eastern European teams have been the most consistently successful over the last few years so the event will be a tough one as it is home territory for them and unfamiliar territory for England.

Manager Rob added “It’s not going to be easy for us as due to funding and time constraints we have not been able to visit the competition venue for a practice. Furthermore we don’t know massive amounts about the venue other than it is a fairly low stock small fish venue but we but have had eyes on it, have a solid game plan, and have been extensively practising our target tactics back at home. We’re up against it a little this year and any medal will be a massive achievement”.

Ukraine were crowned champions last year with Russia winners in 2016 and England champions in 2015. England are currently ranked 4th in the World following a consistent set of results over the last 3 years. The event will be widely covered across social media through the Carp Team England page on Facebook.