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11 things you might not know about Mark Pitchers

What you might not know about the self-proclaimed carp freak...

What you didn't know about Fox/CC Moore consultant and YouTube sensation Mark Pitchers

1. He used to drive a pimped up Subaru Impreza

Now he drives a pimped up Volkswagen Transporter complete with Black Label detailing

2. He releases worms back in to the wild...

As shown in The Challenge Episode 5. Watch the whole episode here.

3. ...but has a huge phobia of slugs

While filming "In Pursuit of Carpiness" Mark encountered this beast.

4. He once owned a tackle shop

Mark set up the first tackle shop in the north-east which sold only carp fishing tackle.

5. He owns a lake, Wainstones Syndicate

Critics said it wasn't possible to grow 30lbers in the north-east but Mark has now proved them wrong.

6. He makes his own mugs

And they're available from

7. Despite being a self-proclaimed tea expert, he is actually allergic to caffeine

Decaf only...

8. He caught the nation's favourite: Benson

Which is still his PB at 56lb 8oz.

9. He's represented England at match fishing

Back in 1995, Mark represented the England youth team at the World Champs in Italy.

10. He has a personal trainer

Well he needs to look his best for his 38,000+ Instagram followers.

11. He used to be a window cleaner

A few years ago Mark used to clean windows for commercial businesses for a living.

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