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7,119 carp caught in epic season at Etang des Gaulois

An excellent venue for plenty of action and the chance of some very big carp...


One lake owner is a bit more relaxed and ‘easy going’, whilst the other one is extremely committed and involved with the angler and the fish stock. Despite Lulu & Christophe’s inability to speak a single word of English and communication can be a bit hard at times, it can’t be denied that they know their fish stock very well and look after it perfectly. Through catch reports that are obliged to be filled out by every angler, we have been able to extract the statistics below.

Be careful: the numbers below are the number of carp landed. Please understand that some carp have been caught multiple times.

In March 2019 a total of 210 carp have been caught. 19 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb) and 2 koi (Lulu & Amandine) were caught.

In April 2019 a total of 1.021 carp have been caught. 69 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb) and Chevrette was caught at 33kg.

In May 2019 a total of 1.004 carp have been caught. 126 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb) - 1 in 10 carp was over 20kg this month. It was a very good month for catching big carp, 3 carp over 30kg (66lb) were caught: Uncas (33.6kg), Judi Bobo (34kg) and Chevrette (31.5kg).


In June 2019 a total of 746 carp have been caught. 36 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb). 6 koi were caught as well, and 3 carp over 30kg (66lb): Chevrette (33.8kg), Judi Bobo (33.8kg) and Chevrette (35.6kg).

In July 2019 a total of 521 carp have been caught. 21 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb). This month was good for koi too, 5 were caught. Koi seem to be caught more often in the warm summer months. Chevrette was the biggest carp to be caught at 33kg.

In August 2019 a total of 1.503 carp have been caught, the best month of the year 2019! Exactly 80 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb), but only Chevrette was caught over 30kg (66lb) at 33.5kg this time. Also, 8 nice koi were caught.

In September 2019 a total of 1.288 carp have been caught. 103 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb). Many big fish were caught this month, but non over 30kg (66lb). Also, 5 koi were caught.

In October 2019 a total of 611 carp have been caught. 54 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb). Also, 4 koi were caught.

In November 2019 a total of 225 carp have been caught. 25 carp weighed over 20kg (44lb). Also, 2 koi were caught.

If we add up all months of the season 2019, we count a total of 7,119 carp caught in total. 40 koi and 543 carp over 20kg, and an average of 1 fish in 13 weighed over 20kg (44lb).

Etang des Gaulois is a great location for anglers that are looking for (hopefully) some action, but still want to make a good chance for a very big carp. Next to the exciting carp stock, the lake is also exceptionally beautiful overlooking the mountain Mont Beuvray. Also, the food package is a real recommendation: a healthy breakfast in the morning and a large 3- (or some days 4-) course dinner in the evening. The team of The Carp Specialist kindly welcomes you at the lovely Etang des Gaulois carp lake in France!