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Are 'full-time' captures credible?

Big opinions by key anglers on major events happening within carp fishing right now

The big question

Can a full-time angler’s captures be compared to that of an angler who has a very short amount of angling time?

Sean Leverett: Full time angler

“This question does always make me laugh. Of course it can be compared. I see it so much on the social media sites, forums, in magazines and the like, people slagging off the guys that fish “full time”, saying things like, “they just bore them out” or “you only caught that because you live on the bank” when in reality so many would just love to do it could they get away with it.

“Yes, I’m a “full time” angler but does that mean I simply turn up at the lake, set-up, pile the bait in and then just sit there waiting? No, of course it doesn’t. I work damn hard during my sessions and never just sit back waiting, I’m always working at it.

“Yes, I fish five days a week but none of my tickets allow me to do five days straight through. Roach Pit has a 72hr rule; Vinnetrow has the same; The Road Lake had a 48hr rule; Cleverley Mere had a 72hr rule – the list goes on and on. I’ll happily travel 170-miles to get to the lake, do my 72hrs and then as I still have two nights left, drive a further 120-plus-miles to get to the next lake to do a couple of days. In the past I’ve done a 350-mile round trip for an overnighter; can you see many people doing that?

“I could write 3,000 words on this subject and maybe Joe, the editor, will let me one time soon, but as space is very limited I’ll end it here with the following question for you all: you tell me why they can’t be compared?”

Spencer Humble (Family and career man)

“To be honest, this is a difficult question to answer without just saying no! Of course there are many variables and it is possible to have great results fishing part time. The answer must be that a dedicated approach has to be the most successful, whatever amount of time is at the anglers disposal. If I look at the venue I am currently fishing, there are a few anglers vying for ‘top rod’ and all fish different amounts of time, but all have more than the average man. If I was in the enviable position of fishing whenever I liked, I would either fish a four day and night session each week or fish four consecutive overnighters but with the almost essential three hours after first light.

“So many of us overnight anglers miss the best bite time as we are packing up for work! All that effort, time, petrol, bait and money only to reel in at bite time – not ideal. If you could stay until 10am each session I would guarantee your results would be massively different.

“Okay, so coming back to the original question, can a full time angler’s captures be compared to the normal guy? No, of course not. Lucky them? Not unless they are Lotto winners! A life on the bank, even for the very best sponsored angler doesn’t pay too well, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and that’s balancing family life, a career and of course my fishing.”